Ender’s Game L.A. Movie Premiere: Red Carpet!

Ho launchies!

Ender’s Game Fandom had the opportunity to cover the red carpet premiere and while the temperatures were cold and a light rain fell before the premiere began we had an amazing time interviewing the cast and crew from the movie.

We’ve been waiting for this all year and let me tell you it has not been a smooth ride. Knowing in advanced that I was going to be able to attend the event was nerve racking (looking for an outfit, deciding what to take, making a list of questions I was going to ask) I was a nervous wreck by the time I arrived at the Chinese Theater.

Around 5:30pm we waited for will call and ended up having to wait even more to get a notice from the staff that our places have already been assigned. The Ender’s Game fansites (which included Ender’s Ansible, Ender Wiggin, Ender News and Ender’s Game Fandom) were grouped together in a corner of the carpet (that doesn’t mean we had the nose bleed section of the red carpet, we had a really good place to interview).

panorama Ender's Game premiere red carpet

Though interviews started late for us, some of the actors were either rushed through interviews or they skipped our section. However, we did get the opportunity to interview Steve Jablonsky, composer of the Ender’s Game soundtrack, Caleb Thaggard, who plays Stilson, Brandon Soo Hoo, Fly Molo, and much more.

The film review and the after party highlights will be updated in separate posts. So look out for the rest of the Ender’s Game premiere posts. You can watch the interview videos below.

(There is audio from each interview that needs to be uploaded, will have that up once I get around to it)

A big thanks to Summit Entertainment for inviting the Ender’s Game Fandom to cover the Ender’s Game premiere.


Happy Birthday Viola Davis!

We want to wish a happy birthday to the lovely Viola Davis who plays Major Anderson in the Ender’s Game movie.


Happy birthday Viola, from all us here at the EndersGameFandom.net!

6 New Character Banners Displaying at Comic-Con 2013

With the release of the aptitude test and recruitment video earlier, Fandango and MovieFone have released 6 new character banners that will be displayed in the Ender’s Game Fan Experience at Comic-Con tonight through Sunday.

What would I do to have these banners hanging on my wall! The week is just getting good launchies. Sty tuned for more revelations and announcements as Comic-Con shoots into action.

Viola Davis, Starstruck?

via Collider

via Collider

During the Beautiful Creatures press day Collider got the chance to talk with Viola Davis (Major Anderson) on her work as the character “Amma, a Seer with her own reservations about a union between Ethan [Wate] and Lena [Duchannes]” in the film and her recent projects including Ender’s Game.

You also recently did Ender’sGame, right?

DAVIS: I did Ender’s Game.  People are really excited about that one. Harrison Ford.  And I would stare at him all the time and my husband said, “You gotta stop doing that!  You gotta just talk to people!  I talk to people!  You don’t talk to anybody!” And I said, “I know, but it’s Harrison Ford!”  And he said, “I don’t care!  Just talk to him!” But, I would just stare at him.  He said, “How you doing, Viola?  You know, I would have flown you out here with your daughter, when your daughter was sick.  You could have just asked me.”  And I thought, “I could have?!” And then, he’d tell really racy jokes, and I would think, “Harrison Ford is telling me a joke!”  And then, I’d forget to laugh!  He’s awesome!  And Gavin Hood, who did what I would put in the top three greatest foreign films of all time, Tsotsi, which means “thug” in Afrikaans, is the director.  He’s tough and he’s specific, and I think that it’s going to be great.  What a moving story.  And once again, it’s relevant.  It’s about training these young kids to be soldiers and to kill, and what are the after effects of that?  It’s wonderful.  

She also reveals her experience working with Jeremy Irons, who is known for many of his works including The Lion King (he voiced the lion Scar), Lolita (Humbert Humbert), and here’s a trivia for you, what does Jeremy Irons and Bean actor Aramis Knight have in common?…Well, they both share the name Aramis. Jeremy Irons played the character Aramis in the movie The Man in the Iron Mask with Leonardo DiCaprio.
Check out the rest of the Q&A at Collider.com.
Beautiful Creatures is now out in theaters. Ender’s Game premieres November 1, 2013.

Viola Davis Talks Ender’s Game

Blackfilm.com recently interviewed Viola Davis, who plays Major Anderson. The interview consisted of questions about her newly released movie “Won’t Back Down” and upcoming  projects, including Ender’s Game. Though briefly mentioned, she is asked the big question every actor is presented with when they take up a role in a book-to-film adaption, “Did you get a chance to read [Ender’s Game]?” It’s the one question every fan wants to hear the answer to and always the one of first priority. To my surprise (some of you may have already known this) but Viola Davis did not read the book Ender’s Game when filming nor has she done so after.

“In the book Major Anderson is actually a male. I just felt like this is a different character and I didn’t feel like I could learn anything from reading the book.” She goes on to say it wouldn’t be the same as if studying the psychological disorder of a character and that is was more valuable for her this way.

To some degree I agree with Mrs. Davis. Major Anderson has a small role in the book and with all film adaptions we are conscious that story lines, setting, plots and characters can change at different degree’s that only the director knows, so maybe this male to female switch doesn’t need the books story but a fresh compilation by the director and actor.

Here is a video of the interview with Viola Davis. To get straight to the Ender’s Game question you can forward to the 8:49 mark.

Ender’s Game Week Update

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. As a starter for the week and as we await the anticipating date of the screen adaption of Ender’s Game on November 1st 2013 here at Ender’s Game Fandom.Net we try to keep you notified and busy on anything and anyone Ender’s Game related.

Courtesy of Digital Domain Productions

During the month of September there was a big issue upon the special effects company Digital Domain Media Group Inc. (DDM), who is working on the special effects for Ender’s Game, filing for bankruptcy. The company was put up for a speedy auction on the 21st of September so to keep potential blockbusters on their scheduled production. Before the auction questions arose in concern of Ender’s Game. One was the possibility of schedule backup for the production. Two, the distribution of the Ender’s Game contracts to different buyers. Though, DDM was to be sold, the investment of the Ender’s Game film was to be included as a whole with DDM and the scheduling of production is to be kept on track. Finally, after a few days of negotiating and bidding Galloping Horses and Reliance MediaWorks acquired Digital Domain Media Inc. With Reliance MediaWorks receiving 30% and Galloping Horses the rest. Though, these companies have gained the Digital Domain Media company it remains unnoticed if they would keep the investment upon the Ender’s Game film.

As with the actors related to the Ender’s Game film here are a few updates that have popped up in my inbox:

Courtesy of Yahoo! Movies

Viola Davis has been in great busy days. Along with the recent release of her movie “Won’t back Down” featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal, she can be seen up next in the romantic film “Beautiful Creatures” as Amma; which also features actress Emma Thompson, “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby” as Lillian Friedman with Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy  and in the process of script editing and playing the biopic of Congresswoman Barbara Jordan.

Moises Arias can be heard as the voice of Antonio in “Despicable Me 2” and is in post-filming as Biaggio in “Toy’s House”.

Sir Ben Kingsley has also touched down on a few great roles which add on to his resume of epic characters. He is currently in production on one of the two following movies, “The Physician” as Ibn Sina; which also includes Stellan Skarsgård or “Iron Man 3” where he plays villain The Mandarin. He has also signed on to play Dr. Rank in Charles Huddleston’s adaption of Henrik Ibsen’s play “A Doll’s House” also featuring actress Jena Malone and King Harod in “Mary Mother of Christ” with Peter O’Toole and Odeya Rush.

Hailee Steinfeld is a busy bee. Very active on her twitter page and just starting her long journey in the movie industry she is set to play Violet in “Can a Song Save Your Life?” alongside Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo, Juliet in Carlo Carlei’s adaption of Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”, Minerva in “Why We Broke Up”, Princess Rosamond in “Sleeping Beauty” and London Lane in “Forgotten”.

Courtesy of Hailee-Steinfeld.net

Harrison Ford has included himself in a fifth movie of Indian Jones which has just been announced and no set release date has been confirmed. In a list of post-productions he will play Branch Rickey alongside Christopher Meloni in “42” and Jock Goddard with Gary Oldman and Liam Hemsworth in “Paranoia”.

Khylin Rhambo can be seen on the TV sitcom “The First Family” which will air October 5th.

Abigail Breslin has in works a number of films. “Perfect Sisters” who she plays Sandra, “Innocence” as Beckett, Lisa in “Haunter”, and Jean Fordham in “August: Osage County”. Also, she has been in works with music and her band CABB, recently featured in Stargroves single “Westfjords“.

Jimmy “Jax” Pinchak has also been in the music biz working on his own album and treating us with some peeks to his single “Tell Me”.

So as we cross off the days on our calendars we can fill in our time with the releases of the many and varied projects the actors have in works. From films to TV episodes to music the long wait will pass us by like a fly.

Viola Davis Attends CBS’ Teachers Rock Special Concert

Last night CBS put on a special concert benefiting teachers and education. Actress Viola Davis who plays Major Gwen Anderson in the  Ender’s Game movie was among the attendees along with “Dave Grohl, Usher and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and James Valentine.” Including other actors “Meryl Streep, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Garner, Jack Black, Morgan Freeman and Matthew Morrison.”

The show is set to air Saturday at 8:00 pm E.T on CBS.

A concert is a start of a small thank you to teachers for what they do everyday for our education. Coincidentally, Professor Cross, my first year English professor in college, introduced me to Ender’s Game and in another class with her introduced me to Ender’s Shadow. From there, I went on to read all of the Ender’s series and the Shadow saga. Is there any teacher that inspired you to pursue something that changed your mind or life? Any that, like me, showed you Ender’s universe? Let us know in the comments.

Photos courtesy of Just Jared