Moises Arias Talks About Ender’s Game

Probably one of the most enthusiastic interviewer’s I’ve seen thus far in any of the Ender’s Game press, Moises Arias, who plays Bonzo, sat down with ZayZayCom to talk about his experience on filming Ender’s Game. Check out the video below:

Source: ZayZayCom


Video: Light Iron Explains Post-Production Set-Up for Ender’s Game Movie

Light Iron

Behind all the set-up of film sets, the techniques of wire work and green screen there is more than just computers and photoshop. You can call it the behind-the-scenes of the behind-the-scenes.

Light Iron released a video that showcases the different cameras and knick-knacks that film production on Ender’s Game used to capture the scenes of the movie. Personally, I have no such license or profession in film making so the video was in some whole different language for me. It uses a lot of film technology and terms that are foreign to the common ear but it produces some really interesting information and on set clips from Ender’s Game.

You can go to Light Iron’s vimeo to watch the video.

Thanks to EnderWiggin for the tip.

Video: Behind the Scenes of Audi Shuttle Quattro

Audi fleet shuttle quattro

Summit Screening Room has released a behind-the-scenes video of how the Audi Shuttle Quattro was created for the Ender’s Game movie.

Back when the Ender’s Game trailer was first unveiled and the car was first seen, we assumed Audi created a life model for the movie. Soon after we found out that the car was created digitally. Either way, Ender’s Game got the chance to include a very cool futuristic car that not only has an amazing look but got the special treatment. Watch the video below to find out how much thought and effort was put into the design:


Source: Summit Screening Room

Video: New TV Spot “Truth” for Ender’s Game Movie

I was looking extensively for this TV spot after I first saw it just a few hours ago on TV. Summit’s Screening Room finally uploaded the video. Titled “Truth” we get some new footage of Ender walking through the halls of ground school and some very quick flashes of what seems to be the Formic Queen cocoon. Watch the video below:


I believe the footage of Ender walking through ground school is when his monitor gets removed. He looks confused, kind of down and some of the other kids are staring at him.

What do you guys notice of the new TV spot? Let us know in the comments.

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New 3-Minute Video “Building Ender’s World”

Earlier today tickets for the Ender’s Game movie became available to purchase. And to top this awesome event today Summit released a short 3 minute video on the building of Ender’s World. Watch the video below:


Just recently we posted about a 9 minute video on the making of Ender’s Game and we weren’t sure if it was a part of the HBO first look that is set to release October 17th, but one thing we do know is that these two videos have similar footage. We don’t have confirmed that they are from the same project or if they are from the HBO first look but we will keep you updated. Until then enjoy the behind-the-scenes look and interviews.

HBO to Air Exclusive First Look Into the Ender’s Game Movie

HBO will be airing a first look into the Ender’s Game movie on October 17th at 10:15 pm. With exciting footage from behind-the-scenes, interviews with the cast and crew and more depth into the usage of the hang wires and green screen.

Watch their preview of the first look below.

New Footage for the Ender’s Game Movie

Yesterday Harrison Ford, who plays Colonel Graff, appeared on the German TV show Wetten Das to promote the Ender’s Game movie. Not even two days after we got the first movie clip from Ender’s Game we have a second video with new footage showing Petra and Ender in the battle room! Watch the video below.

From the very little German I can understand, either Petra or Ender counts from 3 to 1 when they flip backwards off each other.

You can also see Ender smiling. He’s smiling in the battle room. Maybe because he disobeyed orders and is finally doing something to help his army win *wink wink*.

What do you think about the new footage? Are you freaking out for the movie yet? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to EnderWiggin for the video.