Video: New TV Spot “Truth” for Ender’s Game Movie

I was looking extensively for this TV spot after I first saw it just a few hours ago on TV. Summit’s Screening Room finally uploaded the video. Titled “Truth” we get some new footage of Ender walking through the halls of ground school and some very quick flashes of what seems to be the Formic Queen cocoon. Watch the video below:


I believe the footage of Ender walking through ground school is when his monitor gets removed. He looks confused, kind of down and some of the other kids are staring at him.

What do you guys notice of the new TV spot? Let us know in the comments.

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New TV Spot for Ender’s Game with New Footage!

So the third or fourth TV spot for Ender’s Game has been released. There’s been so many I can’t keep up with which one is which.

The FOURTH TV spot has been released and this one is titled “Morality”. The fourth TV spot starts with the same intro scene, but follows up with new footage. You can watch the video after the screen caps.

You can find some action in the battle room:

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 10.23.04 PM

Ender quitting the games (how many hugs for crying Ender?):
TV spot "Morality" screen caps

Colonel Graff reinforcing that he isn’t the enemy:Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 10.24.13 PM

And…Why do you think Colonel Graff looks so worried? Or is he just serious?

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 10.24.29 PM

Watch “Morality” here:

Want to check out the other three TV spots? Here are links to SummitScreeningRoom to watch them.

1st: Destroy

2nd: Choosen

3rd: Future

Ender’s Game premieres November 1st.

New Ender’s Game TV Spot “Future”

IMDB revealed a third TV spot for the Ender’s Game movie. Unlike the second one this video has new scenes and images of Ender and mazer on Eros, Petra yelling “Ender” and Ender saying “Game Over”. Watch the video below which is courtesy of (embed code for IMDB isn’t working for this site).

Is this TV spot better than the first two? What do you guys think?

Ender’s Game premieres November 1st.

Source: IMDB, FirstShowing

Ender’s Game Movie TV Spot #2 “Here We Go”

In the day after the first TV spot was released by Machinima, we now have a second TV spot for the Ender’s Game film. This one titled “Here we go,” there aren’t any new scenes in this one but you can find an outrageous swarm of the buggers against Ender.

This video coming from Movies Coming Soon, MSN also released the same TV spot that you can watch here.

Machinima Releases New Ender’s Game TV Spot “Destroy”

We have our first TV spot launchies. Machinima, an entertainment site, has released the very first video of Ender’s Game for television. Watch it below.


We get more views on the buggers but still carry a mystery of how they look entirely. It’s exciting to see new clips like this because it raises more excitement within the fandom.

36 more days until the Ender’s Game movie premiere!