Ender’s Game Final Trailer Showing in Theaters

Thanks to EnderWiggin for confirming with Summit, we now know that the Ender’s Game final trailer will play in theaters during the previews before the movie Elysium with Matt Damon and Jodi Foster.

I was already planning on watching the movie now I’m even more excited to watch it.

Check out the trailer for Elysium and once again the final trailer for Ender’s Game.



Screencaps of New Trailer Preview

Still reeling over the preview of the new Ender’s Game trailer. Here are some screencaps I took so you can squeal over. And if you still haven’t had enough here’s the trailer so you can re-watch for the hundreth time.


New Ender’s Game Preview Unlocked!

First Challenge winner Dragon Army

The first challenge for the IF-Battle School has ended and Dragon Army has unlocked a new preview of the final Ender’s Game Trailer.

What do you think of the preview? How about that battle in the battle room?

The final trailer will be released tomorrow Tuesday 8/6 at 9am PT on iTunes Trailers. Check back with us to get the link to the video.

Ender’s Game Trailer Music Finally Solved

Sometimes trailer music is a great mystery and difficult to solve. It takes close hearing and intense research to find out the origin of the music behind movie trailers. Or just an extensive knowledge of the music industry. Some trailers get tracks edited around their movie clips others have music custom made.

Hi-Finesse, a music production company focused on trailer music, created the music behind the Ender’s Game movie trailer. The track titled Opus was composed by Erich Lee from the album AXIOM. You can listen to the original version below.

What’s interesting about “Opus” is that it might have been composed exclusively for the Ender’s Game trailer or for the Percy Jackson 2 movie trailer which was released earlier this year. HiFinesse having a “goal for fresh cutting edge sonics and unheard hybrids to the movie industry” created the track especially for a movie, but which one? Here is the Percy Jackson trailer so you can try to listen to the music.

You can hear the distinct rhythm of the song in both trailers but it isn’t an obvious sound. It takes a close ear to catch the similarity. So whichever trailer it was meant for one thing we know is that it’s an epic track that definitely gets your adrenaline pumping for battle.

Thanks to EnderWiggin and @Asmrat for the discovering of the music.



Ender’s Game Full Trailer to Debut on Tuesday!

Cast mash up

via Mashable

You may have heard about the exclusive trailer shown only at Comic-Con and how amazing it was. Mashable is now announcing that that trailer (shown at Comic-Con) is going to be released Tuesday, August 6th for all fans to watch.

EnderWiggin, having previewed the trailer at Comic-Con, hints us on some bugger shots, more Valentine, arguments between teachers and more.

It’s possible the exclusive preview the winning army unlocks Monday on the IF-battle school could be the early preview of this trailer.

What do you guys want to see in the new trailer? I would love to see what the producers image of the Formics are. Definitely something to anticipate.

Ender’s Game on iTunes

iTunes trailer page

You can now watch the Ender’s Game trailer on iTunes Movies Theatrical Trailers. They have updated the movies profile with the official movie poster, the updated synopsis that was revealed with the movie trailer and a list of the actors, the director and a link to the official movie page.

iTunes trailer page


Ender’s Game premieres November 1st, 2013.

Ender’s Game Trailer and Star Trek: Into Darkness Early Showing


It seems like Summit has decided to release Star Trek: Into Darkness one day early and is keeping with that word. It was set to release May 17th but is now showing across the country. The IMAX version is now playing so should the original picture as well. If you have any advanced ticket purchases make sure to check the date and time on them to know you have the right showtime.

About the Ender’s Game trailer, I’ve had experience with other movie trailers (most recently The Hunger Games) where they are supposed to be attached to a specific movie but my local theater failed to show it. Technically the Ender’s Game trailer is suppose to be attached to Star Trek: Into Darkness so no theater shouldn’t show it but sometimes it varies from theater and state and country whether they have the reel or not.

I suggest, if you are highly anticipating to watch the Ender’s Game trailer, to call ahead your local theater and ask if they are showing it with Star Trek. If they have no idea what your talking about then most likely they are bugger lovers. I went and called my theater and the girl personally saw the Ender’s Game trailer on the IMAX version of Star Trek so I can definitely look forward to seeing it.