Endercast #28: Salaam


The weekly podcast for Ender’s Game has a new episode aptly titled “Salaam” because this week the hosts are visited by none other than Suraj Partha who plays Alai in Ender’s Game.

This week’s topics they discussed are:

  • His audition process
  • His first reaction to seeing Sir Ben Kingsley on set
  • The experience at Space Camp, the type of training they did, and bonding with the rest of the cast
  • Discussion on the PG-13 rating
  • What Suraj has been up to lately
  • Find out if he spills the beans on that barf bag we saw at Comic Con

You can find links and picture references at the bottom of the post at EnderCast #28.


Behind the Scenes Image of Ender’s Game

With all the commotion of Comic-Con I almost missed this behind-the-scene photo of Director Gavin Hood, Asa Butterfield (Ender Wiggin) and Suraj Partha (Alai) while filming a scene in what looks to be the launchy quarters.


Accompanying the image is a recap of the new footage shown during the Hall H panel. You can read the full article here.

Source: Empire Online

Ender’s Game Cast Signing At Comic-Con 2013

Saturday July 20th some of the Ender’s Game cast will do a limited signing from 12:15pm to 2:30pm. Here’s a screen cap of the scheduled event.

Comic-Con EG cast signing


Since it is a limited time it looks like they will be drawing tickets to be able to stand in line for the signing. If you are attending and wish to visit the autograph area make sure to plan ahead so as to get a chance to meet the cast.

Speaking of the cast, need to refresh your memory? Well, here’s a list of the participating actors and who they play in the movie:

Aramis Knight- Bean

Suraj Partha- Alai

Jimmy Pinchak- Peter Wiggin

Conor Carrol- Bernard

Cameron Gaskins- Pol Slattery

Comic-Con just gets better and better, but wait until you hear what’s to come in a few days. Check back with us on Friday.

Ender’s Game Movie Merchandise

So as the production of Ender’s Game wrapped in NOLA the cast and crew celebrated their time together and their work with a wrap party at the House of Blues but also the crew were honored with Ender’s Game gifts that include necklaces, glass ware and shirts. Here are some pictures that were posted online of the gifts.

T-shirts given to the crew of Ender’s Game

Necklaces given to the cast of Ender’s Game

This picture was taken by Suraj Partha (Alai) but others from the cast may have recieved one as well as seen with Hailee Steinfeld (Petra) here.

Ender’s Game bracelet

Garrett Warren posted this picture on his tumblr. Showing off his awesome Ender’s Game souvenir. Jealous?

Glass ware given to crew members

Ender’s Game necklace with Mardi Gras beads

This is probably my favorite piece. Aptly embellished by the beads. Which ones are your favorites?Soon, hopefully, we can get our own souvenir’s from the movie.

Ender’s Game Production Wraps

Well, it looks like almost all, if not all, actors have finished filming their parts for the movie.  There may be a couple still out there that possibly need to do a scene or something (this is all speculation on my part, according to what I’ve been reading on tweets), but everyone is pretty much done.

What’s cool about watching these novels, especially ones with a young cast, get done is that the actors really seem to appreciate the time spent with each other.  Twitter has given them a way to express it so to their fellow co-stars, whilst letting everyone else who may be interested know about it as well.  Case in point:

So, now that production is done, you may wonder why we still have to wait more than a year for the movie to come out.  Well, it was originally planned to come out in March of 2013, but the studio moved it up to November 2013 for their own marketing and financially appealing motives.  However, despite that, yes, it still takes a while to get everything in place during post-production, especially when it comes to a sci-fi movie that will seemingly rely on CGI effects for a portion of the movie.  That being said, they now have plenty of time to get everything in place and in order.  And seeing as these kids are so happy to have been involved with the whole process, I really am excited for us to enjoy the movie as much as they enjoyed filming it.

Happy Birthday Director Gavin Hood!!!

We wish you the best here at Ender’s Game Fandom. And only ask for an amazing and epic movie from your great skills. (Which we know we’ll get)

Here are screen shots of some tweets from the cast. Look at this love from the crew. Nothing but friendships in the Ender’s Game family.

Two Photos From Ender’s Game Production Blog

Things are starting to move in the Ender’s Game movie world as the production blog has posted two more photos from their Tumblr account.

Here’s just a hint of how Battle School will look like.

If you think regular school is tough, try it in a rotating space station.  And by the way, do you have a hall pass for hall number 0058?  Because if you don’t, you could end up scrubbing the showers.  When you first arrive at Battle School, all you perceive is its utility, its functionality… that is until you enter the BATTLE ROOM, where there is no up, no down, and ZERO G’s.  Movie making can become overly reliant on digital worlds, and nothing can replace a well-built set that you can see and touch and stand in the middle of, fooling you into thinking you are really there. Enjoy this small taste of Ender’s big world. We’ll see a lot more in the weeks to come.
The next photo shows them in a simulator at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.

“Houston, we have a problem.  We don’t know how to land the Shuttle.” Good thing it’s just a simulator safely on the ground at SPACE CAMP in Huntsville, Alabama.  Aramis, Moises, Asa & Suraj (pictured above from a monitor in the MISSION CONTROL ROOM ) and the rest of our cast agreed that to do Ender’s Game right, they had to train as though they were really headed into ZERO G.  And this wasn’t just an afternoon spent taking a vanity tour. From the Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU), which simulates extra-vehicular shuttle ­missions in Earth’s orbit, to the microgravity training chair that prepared astronauts for moonwalks during the Apollo program, the week at Space Camp was genuine prep for the feeling of reality that this movie deserves. And after all, the army that trains together stays together.

I gotta say, I’m extremely envious that these child actors got to go to Space Camp and do simulation missions and training!

Source:  Ender’s Game Blog