Ender’s Game Timeline Leading to the Final Battle

For those who aren’t too sure how the Formic wars or battle school evolved through out the years or haven’t read the books yet, Summit has created this amazing timeline of events that lead up to the story of the Ender’s Game movie. Check out the image below.

Ender's infographic

We also got notice that Summit and Sandboxr has partnered to create an awesome 3D experience for fans:

Sandboxr, a 3D print and software development company from Utah, announced today its 3D print creation app for Summit Entertainment’s ENDER’S GAME.  Sandboxr’s 3D print creation app has been in development for the past two years, and through the ENDER’S GAME-licensed version, fans will be able to create and bring home exclusive replica battleships from the film generated by cutting-edge three-dimensional printing technology.  Fans will be able to check out the ENDER’S GAME 3D printing experience at Sandboxr.com before Thursday’s release of the movie in theatres and IMAX October 31 at 8pm

You will be able to create 3D print outs of models seen in the Ender’s Game movie. Just go to Sandboxr and follow the link that refers to Ender’s Game.




Sandboxr 3D printing of Ender's Game



Source: Summit Entertainment


Ender’s Game Final Trailer Showing in Theaters

Thanks to EnderWiggin for confirming with Summit, we now know that the Ender’s Game final trailer will play in theaters during the previews before the movie Elysium with Matt Damon and Jodi Foster.

I was already planning on watching the movie now I’m even more excited to watch it.

Check out the trailer for Elysium and once again the final trailer for Ender’s Game.


HGTV Partner’s with Ender’s Game for a Chance to Win a Home Makeover

HGTV has partnered up with Ender’s Game to bring to the fans a chance to win a home makeover provided by the two.


Inside the “Ender’s Game” activation, located outside the Hilton Gaslamp district, HGTV showcases its “Journey Begins at Home” space—an interpretation of the Wiggins home living room—among eight elaborate, specially constructed, unique rooms that represent the most iconic environments of Ender’s world, complete with original film props and set pieces used in the movie.

Only fans who attend the Ender’s Game Fan Experience will be available to enter to win. So if you are attending don’t forget to enter.

Source: CNBC

Ender’s Game Items at Comic-Con and New Battle School Army Logos

In two weeks Comic-Con 2013 will be taking place and Ender’s Game fans will experience the ultimate event for the Ender’s Game promotion. If you are attending this year and are waiting to see what goodies Summit will be giving out here’s a look at what will be handed out to visiting fans.

Where as the dog tags are only exclusive to the fan experience, the others will be available at the Summit booth 4029A next to Lionsgate’s booth.

If you haven’t noticed we also get a first look at 4 new army logos.

I’ve got a few names in mind for these army’s however, I’m stuck on the second one. At first glance I saw a seahorse, but with closer inspection I came to a conclusion it’s a sort of caterpillar. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

Update: Centipede. It’s a centipede. Sorry guys total fail there.

Also, if you are attending Comic-Con don’t forget to send us an message about your experience. Pictures are always welcomed.

Lionsgate Holds Rights to Ender’s Game Novels

Summit and Lionsgate logos

It has been an up and down discussion whether Ender’s Game can become a blockbuster hit alike other YA novel-to-film adaptions. However, Lionsgate believes they can recreate the success they had from the first The Hunger Games film and the Twilight series with, the currently filming, Divergent movie and Ender’s Game.

Variety analyst goes to explain how Ender’s Game success is a “longshot” despite its wide fandom, the prestigious film company behind its production and its award shinning cast.

However, many believe, along with Lionsgate and the fans, that Ender’s Game can be a successful movie.

[Doug] Creutz also noted that Lionsgate has two potential franchise starters launching in the current fiscal year which could add “meaningful” multi-year earnings power: “Divergent,” launching March 21, and “Ender’s Game,” opening Nov. 1 starring Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford.

It’s a sure favorite for fans and with Lionsgate having a good 10% of the production it can sure gain a bigger audience once people are introduced to the novel or film.

The article moves on to some interesting news that fans of the Ender Games series could take in many ways.

Lionsgate has rights to all 12 of Card’s “Ender’s Game” series, adding that not all of them are readily adaptable for film.

Past interviews with actors and the producers have brought up the word “franchise” when speaking of the Ender’s game film. We’ve come to speculate that Ender’s Game can be succeeded by possible sequels. However, as said above, and assuming we’ve all read the series, not all books would be made to films because of their complexity.

So will we see sequels? It’s up to Lionsgate/Summit and the director to figure out if scripts are possible.

Personally, it would be amazing to follow Ender’s story as the books show us, but I think it would be very complicated to recreate a film version unless they pull a James Cameron. As Lionsgate has 12 novel rights, I would love to see the Ender’s Shadow series be given a try. It’s not as complicated as Ender’s intergalactic journey but it has its few difficult tendency’s. Also, we’d see the jeesh back in Earth’s troubling times.

Source: Variety