Ender’s Game L.A. Movie Premiere: Red Carpet!

Ho launchies!

Ender’s Game Fandom had the opportunity to cover the red carpet premiere and while the temperatures were cold and a light rain fell before the premiere began we had an amazing time interviewing the cast and crew from the movie.

We’ve been waiting for this all year and let me tell you it has not been a smooth ride. Knowing in advanced that I was going to be able to attend the event was nerve racking (looking for an outfit, deciding what to take, making a list of questions I was going to ask) I was a nervous wreck by the time I arrived at the Chinese Theater.

Around 5:30pm we waited for will call and ended up having to wait even more to get a notice from the staff that our places have already been assigned. The Ender’s Game fansites (which included Ender’s Ansible, Ender Wiggin, Ender News and Ender’s Game Fandom) were grouped together in a corner of the carpet (that doesn’t mean we had the nose bleed section of the red carpet, we had a really good place to interview).

panorama Ender's Game premiere red carpet

Though interviews started late for us, some of the actors were either rushed through interviews or they skipped our section. However, we did get the opportunity to interview Steve Jablonsky, composer of the Ender’s Game soundtrack, Caleb Thaggard, who plays Stilson, Brandon Soo Hoo, Fly Molo, and much more.

The film review and the after party highlights will be updated in separate posts. So look out for the rest of the Ender’s Game premiere posts. You can watch the interview videos below.

(There is audio from each interview that needs to be uploaded, will have that up once I get around to it)

A big thanks to Summit Entertainment for inviting the Ender’s Game Fandom to cover the Ender’s Game premiere.


Listen to Ender’s Game Soundtrack Online

For 24 hours Moviefone is allowing fans to listen to the Ender’s Game soundtrack, in its entirety, online.

I just recently got my copy in the mail and I’ve already listened to the tracks multiple times and I can not get over how epic the songs sound. I truly recommend you listen to all of them. My favorite so far are both “Mind Game” tracks.

Go to Ender’s Game Soundtrack to listen to the entire album.


Steve Jablonsky Speaks about Ender’s Game Soundtrack

The Ender’s Game film score is set to release October 22nd and what better way to keep us busy while we wait for our copy of the film score than a short quote from the composer Steve Jablonsky:

“Ender’s Game is big but also very personal, which is an interesting combination for any composer.  For some scenes, I’m using an 80 piece orchestra and 32 member choir, while in other scenes I am using a simple solo instrument.  Ender is a very isolated character for much of the film so I felt that a solo cello would play that isolation nicely and it became an important element in the score.”

And 3 tracks from the film score that are featured below.

“Stay Down”

“Ender’s War”

“Battle School”


What do you think of some of the songs so far? Enthralled? Not satisfied? Let us know in the comments.

Ender’s Game Soundtrack One Minute Previews !

Ender's Game soundtrack front cover

Recently some of the Ender’s Game fansites got the chance to preview the Ender’s Game soundtracks from Varese Sarabande. A tip from an Ender’s Game Fandom reader lead us to Colosseum Online Shop, a music entertainment website, where you can pre-order your copy of the Ender’s Game soundtrack and listen to a one minute preview for every song on the soundtrack.

That’s right listen to a preview of all the songs on the soundtrack and enjoy the epicness of Steve Jablonsky’s work. Just go to Ender’s Game Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and listen to the previews.

Ender's Game soundtrack back cover

I’m a  big fan of film scores and soundtracks and I have to say I really like the feel to some of the songs. While others aren’t very distinguishable, songs like “Mind Game part 2”, “Ender’s Promise” and “Game Over”, which has a very somber feel to it, create an uniqueness to the soundtrack.

Have you listened to the previews? If you have, what do you think about Steve Jablonsky’s work? Let us know in the comments.

The Ender’s Game soundtrack is released October 22nd. Pre-order your copy with Colosseum or at Amazon.

Ender’s Game Soundtrack 90-Second Preview!

Ender's Game soundtrack front cover

As a big fan of soundtracks and film scores I’ve been antsy to listen to the music for the Ender’s Game movie. And with this 90 second audio off the Ender’s Game soundtrack by Steve Jablonsky I’m ever more excited for the movie.

Our friends at EnderWiggin got to sample two tracks off the soundtrack. The first 45 seconds are from “Battle School” and the last 45 seconds are from “Dragon Wins”.

Ender's Game soundtrack back cover

I have to tell you the music is intense. Especially when it comes to Dragon army, your adrenaline runs with the sound of the music (Well at least for me).

You can listen to the audio at EnderWiggin.net and leave a comment on what you think about the pieces.

Ender’s Game Soundtrack to be Released October 22nd

Over night we got the news that the Ender’s Game soundtrack is set to be released on October 22nd. In addition to the release date we have a full list of tracks including the front and back covers for the CD.

Ender's Game soundtrack front coverEnder's Game soundtrack back cover

As you can see there are 21 tracks on the album with titles for each which, in my opinion, says A LOT about the movie, but not so much as spoilery. Retail price for the album is around $16.77 at Amazon and about $17 at the official soundtrack record webpage Varése Sarabande.

No audio clips have been released but we will keep you updated if any pop up, so be sure to check back.

Ender’s Game premieres November 1st.

Source: Soundtrack ManiaAmazon and Varése Sarabande

Official: Steve Jablonsky to compose Ender’s Game Film Score

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 7.06.02 PM

We confirmed with Summit that Steve Jablonsky will be composing the film score for the Ender’s Game movie.

Steve is known for his work on all three Transformers film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Island and has a list of contributions for TV shows and video games.

Need a sample of his work? Listen to some of the tracks from the Transformers 3: Dark Moon soundtrack.

Any Steve Jablonsky fans? I personally enjoy the Transformers soundtrack. So though we didn’t get James Horner, Jablonsky is a great choice for the Ender’s Game soundtrack.