Ender’s Game L.A. Movie Premiere: Red Carpet!

Ho launchies!

Ender’s Game Fandom had the opportunity to cover the red carpet premiere and while the temperatures were cold and a light rain fell before the premiere began we had an amazing time interviewing the cast and crew from the movie.

We’ve been waiting for this all year and let me tell you it has not been a smooth ride. Knowing in advanced that I was going to be able to attend the event was nerve racking (looking for an outfit, deciding what to take, making a list of questions I was going to ask) I was a nervous wreck by the time I arrived at the Chinese Theater.

Around 5:30pm we waited for will call and ended up having to wait even more to get a notice from the staff that our places have already been assigned. The Ender’s Game fansites (which included Ender’s Ansible, Ender Wiggin, Ender News and Ender’s Game Fandom) were grouped together in a corner of the carpet (that doesn’t mean we had the nose bleed section of the red carpet, we had a really good place to interview).

panorama Ender's Game premiere red carpet

Though interviews started late for us, some of the actors were either rushed through interviews or they skipped our section. However, we did get the opportunity to interview Steve Jablonsky, composer of the Ender’s Game soundtrack, Caleb Thaggard, who plays Stilson, Brandon Soo Hoo, Fly Molo, and much more.

The film review and the after party highlights will be updated in separate posts. So look out for the rest of the Ender’s Game premiere posts. You can watch the interview videos below.

(There is audio from each interview that needs to be uploaded, will have that up once I get around to it)

A big thanks to Summit Entertainment for inviting the Ender’s Game Fandom to cover the Ender’s Game premiere.


Ender’s Game Panel in MCM London Comic-Con

In their final stop in the Ender’s Game Europe tour the cast touch down in London to attend the Ender’s Game panel at the MCM London Comic-Con.

In the last photocall destination, they looked amazing as they posed for pictures and discussed Ender’s Game and more with fans in attendance.

You can check out more pictures of the cast at Getty Images.

In hopes of saving some time with my daily chores, I’ll just be posting these interviews from the cast at MCM London Comic-Con.

Sources: HeyUGuys and DailyMail

Photo: Ender’s Game Cast Attend Berlin Photocall

On their third stop on the Europe tour to promote Ender’s Game, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Harrison Ford and Sir Ben Kingsley pose for pictures in Berlin, Germany.

Looking ravishing as ever Hailee gets classy with a beautiful black and white dress and you can’t ignore her dapper looking co-stars.

To find more pictures of the Berlin photocall or their past photocall’s check out Getty Images

New Footage for the Ender’s Game Movie

Yesterday Harrison Ford, who plays Colonel Graff, appeared on the German TV show Wetten Das to promote the Ender’s Game movie. Not even two days after we got the first movie clip from Ender’s Game we have a second video with new footage showing Petra and Ender in the battle room! Watch the video below.

From the very little German I can understand, either Petra or Ender counts from 3 to 1 when they flip backwards off each other.

You can also see Ender smiling. He’s smiling in the battle room. Maybe because he disobeyed orders and is finally doing something to help his army win *wink wink*.

What do you think about the new footage? Are you freaking out for the movie yet? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to EnderWiggin for the video.

Photo: Ender’s Game Cast Attend Photocall in Paris

As we are 29 days away from the Ender’s Game premiere the internet is BUZZING with news. Earlier yesterday we got the new IMAX poster, a mosaic IMAX poster that includes fan names and some new stills revealed by MTV.

In the weeks leading up to the premiere you can definitely look forward to seeing the cast of Ender’s Game promoting the movie in different countries. Yesterday, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Harrison Ford Sir Ben Kingsley and director Gavin Hood attended a photocall, in which they gather for pictures to promote Ender’s Game, at the Mandarin hotel in Paris. You can find some pictures below, but for more images you can go to Getty Images.

I have to say Hailee is becoming my fashion icon. Her style is very unique but classy. I love her galactic pattern pants paired with black pumps, you can never go wrong with black pumps.

Later in the day Hailee tweeted a picture of her and Asa arriving in Madrid for more of their Europe promotion. Talk about a busy schedule.

Hailee Steinfeld tweet


The Europe promotion tour started in Paris then moves on to Madrid, Berlin and will end in London. As the tour goes on we will keep you updated on further news.

Ender’s Game premieres November 1st in the U.S and Madrid, November 6th in Paris, October 24th in Germany, October 25th in the UK.

Source: Getty Images

Photo: New Image of Sir Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham

We’ve seen pictures and movie posters come from the many media sites the Ender’s Game movie has set up. Just recently we got a new image of Petra Arkanian in her flash suit. Today the Ender’s Game Facebook released a new special effects image of Mazer Rackham accompanied with the caption “The legend of the century will teach the hero of tomorrow.”

Mazer Rackham

Ender’s Game movie premieres in 43 days! November 1st.

New Photo of Mazer, Graff and Ender

Thanks to EnderWiggin here’s a photo from the printed issue of Entertainment Weekly (the Anchorman issue). Featured is Mazer Rackham, Ender and Colonel Graff, who seems to be really angry with Ender.



Look out for the Ender’s Game movie November 1st.