Endercast #32: Fly Molo


The hosts of Endercast have a special episode this week. Not only do they have a list of topics lined up to discuss they welcome another cast member from the Ender’s Game movie. If you haven’t guessed from the title of the episode yet this week actor Brandon Soo Hoo, who plays Fly Molo in the Ender’s Game movie, stopped by to talk to Endercast and paticipated in a Pop Quiz, Fart Eater.

Topics they talked about with Brandon:

  • How he found Ender’s Game
  • What he’s up to now
  • What he’s most looking forward to in the coming month
  • His best memory from on set

After Brandon’s leave the hosts carry on with discussing the following topics:

  • Still. No. ICEES.
  • The big huge French lasertag competition
  • The new UK quad poster
  • New challenge to unveil IMAX poster tomorrow

You can listen to the audio at Episode #32. Need to catch up on past episodes? Go to Endercast.


Endercast #31: Null G Beyond This Line


We are heading down the countdown and things are getting really exciting for the Ender’s Game Fandom.

This week the hosts of Endercast feature a special guest. Kelly and Crystal welcome Ender’s Game movie stunt coordinator Garret Warren. They get an insight scoop on the clip shown at his Academy panel “Real to Reel.”

Other topics they discussed:

  • Calendar images and our awful first impression interpretation of a formation (view the images on Ender News)
  • Ender’s Game UK site
  • Ender’s Game score by Steve Jablonsky is available for pre-order
  • An update on our ICEE hunt
  • Pik-Nik sweepstakes (details here)

You can find references at episode #31.

Endercast #30: Two Hive Queens and a Hegemon


A new episode of the Ender’s Game podcast is up and this week the hosts welcome Hegemon Peter Wiggin, also known as Jimmy Jax Pinchak.

It’s always fun and exciting to hear stories from the cast and this week is no different. Jimmy had a lot to share and in addition, the hosts hold another round of Pop Quiz, Fart Eater.

Topics they discussed with Jimmy:

  • Jimmy’s audition process
  • His opinion of the script and the Locke and Demosthenes cut
  • Meeting Asa and Abigail
  • What’s in store for him next

Audio and reference pictures from this episode can be found at EnderCast Episode #30.

Endercast #29: Reporting from Battle School


Last week the hosts of Endercast took some time off to regain their sanity after all the set visit reports they released for us. This week they come back with a great and interesting episode in which they cover ALOT of recent news.

Topic list:

  • Set visit reports are out! (Ender News & EnderWiggin.net)
  • Addressing the nagging fear: What if the movie sucks?
  • The odd feeling of seeing trailers, posters, and “real” Ender’s Game things
  • Ender’s Game ICEEs
  • “Making of” book for Ender’s Game and how we’re going to avoid (or not) spoilers
  • International poster

You can check out a reference picture at Episode #29: Reporting from Battle School.

Endercast #28: Salaam


The weekly podcast for Ender’s Game has a new episode aptly titled “Salaam” because this week the hosts are visited by none other than Suraj Partha who plays Alai in Ender’s Game.

This week’s topics they discussed are:

  • His audition process
  • His first reaction to seeing Sir Ben Kingsley on set
  • The experience at Space Camp, the type of training they did, and bonding with the rest of the cast
  • Discussion on the PG-13 rating
  • What Suraj has been up to lately
  • Find out if he spills the beans on that barf bag we saw at Comic Con

You can find links and picture references at the bottom of the post at EnderCast #28.

EnderCast #21: Never Again


Though it’s been awhile I’ve kept up with the EnderCast episodes don’t let me put you back. You can catch up and listen to past episodes at EnderCast and don’t forget to leave a comment for the hosts.

The podcast has a new episode up where they talk crazily about what’s coming up in a few days in San Diego!

Check out the topics of this weeks episode:

  • Ender’s Game panel time has been announced and we’re ever so slightly put off that Ender’s Game has to share a short hour with Divergent
  • The Comic Con swag for Ender’s Game looks epic and we shamelessly gush about it all
  • Pretty much the entire cast is descending upon San Diego, some of them to do a signing
  • Early details of ‘Launchies in Line’

Ender’s Game premieres November 1st, 2013.

Endercast Episode #17: Rabbit Army


This week the hosts invite another special guest, Sci-Fi writer and author of the Wool series, Hugh Howey.

Uniquely, Howey had published Wool on his own through e-book and has gained much popularity from it.

A few topics they discussed with Howey are:

• His fan background with the book
• Other favorite science fiction books
• On the parallel between him and OSC starting with a short story
• Hopes and fears for the Wool movie and his thoughts on the movie changes

You can check out more of the episode with Hugh Howey at EnderCast.