Happy Birthday Hailee!

So it’s still December 11th (in some parts of the country) so technically we aren’t late. We just want to send a big Happy Birthday to our Petra Arkanian actress Hailee Steinfeld who turns 17 today.


Happy Birthday Hailee from all us here at the Ender’s Game Fandom!


Hailee Steinfeld Featured on the Cover of ASOS Magazine

hailee steinfeld ASOSJust recently Hailee Steinfeld, Petra Arkanian, was featured in ASOS magazine. Looking lovely and joyous as ever Hailee speaks with ASOS about her career launch and her many friends she’s met along the way. Friends that include The Hunger Games victor, Jennifer Lawrence, her co-star from The Keeping Room, Brit Marling and Romeo actor, Douglas Booth.

Then there’s Douglas Booth, the Romeo to her Juliet. ‘He is so, so great,’ she says. ‘I can’t think about him without laughing, I love him so much – he’s so funny. We were doing this film that was so heavy and intense, and at the end of the day we would just look at each other and laugh, like this is totally, completely crazy and amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to experience that with.’

hailee steinfeld ASOSSnapped along with her adorable dog, Hailee spills how she first came to love fashion, something we’ve seen on many occasions, and how it became a big part of her life.

‘Fashion is something I’ve always been interested in,’ she says. ‘I used to watch the Oscars but paid no attention to the awards. I was seven, and had no idea what they meant, but I would watch to see what everybody was wearing on the red carpet. It wasn’t until I strated attending red carpet events and was fown out to Paris for y first show, and saw how much is put into it all, that I had this new appreciation for everthing. Now it’s become a huge part of my life.’

She’s only known for her role in True Grit but Hailee has a very steep path in front of her. With Ender’s Game coming out soon and Romeo and Juliet out now, we can’t forget her Oscar nomination and her campaign with Miu Miu, everyone has become enamored with her and she definitely isn’t going to see that change soon.

Thank you to ASOS magazine for the amazing pictures.

New Footage for the Ender’s Game Movie

Yesterday Harrison Ford, who plays Colonel Graff, appeared on the German TV show Wetten Das to promote the Ender’s Game movie. Not even two days after we got the first movie clip from Ender’s Game we have a second video with new footage showing Petra and Ender in the battle room! Watch the video below.

From the very little German I can understand, either Petra or Ender counts from 3 to 1 when they flip backwards off each other.

You can also see Ender smiling. He’s smiling in the battle room. Maybe because he disobeyed orders and is finally doing something to help his army win *wink wink*.

What do you think about the new footage? Are you freaking out for the movie yet? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to EnderWiggin for the video.

Photo: MTV Reveals Exclusive Ender’s Game Images

Wow, it’s been a flurry of a morning today. With the new Ender’s Game IMAX movie poster revealed by Fandango and the new mosaic IMAX poster revealed to Dragon Army earlier today on IF-Battle School has us launchies just wiggling in excitement.

In more news, MTV.com has revealed exclusive images of the Ender’s Game movie that includes new stills of Petra and Ender and a couple of stills we’ve already seen before but still worth mentioning.

There are a few new images of Petra that we haven’t seen and by the look of them (I’m talking mostly about where they are walking together) it seems like comradeship than an intimate relationship between Ender and Petra.

How about Ender in the battle room shooting TWO laser guns. Since he’s still in his salamander army suit looks like he’s under Bonzo’s command still. Who wouldn’t be jealous to be as ninja-like as Ender?

What do you guys think of the new stills? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: MTV News

Photo: New Image of Sir Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham

We’ve seen pictures and movie posters come from the many media sites the Ender’s Game movie has set up. Just recently we got a new image of Petra Arkanian in her flash suit. Today the Ender’s Game Facebook released a new special effects image of Mazer Rackham accompanied with the caption “The legend of the century will teach the hero of tomorrow.”

Mazer Rackham

Ender’s Game movie premieres in 43 days! November 1st.

Photo: New Image of Petra

If you haven’t been following Ender’s Game Movie on Facebook or Instagram (WHY NOT?! Go and follow NOW) you probably haven’t seen some daily postings of images they release. They usually include stills of scenes or character posters along with a caption.

Today they released a really neat image of Petra Arkanian, played by Hailee Steinfeld, where she stands with a firm look with her really long hair thrown over her shoulder.



The images in the background seem like a good choice since there aren’t  many stills or scenes in the trailer of Petra. However, the first shot of her and Ender, along with the one of them standing in the gate and holding hands prick at my insides. I feel like it gives off too much intimacy between them. Especially to someone who doesn’t know the whole story or is first being introduced to the movie by this collage.

Also, her hair is so long. How in the world can she fit it into her helmet?

Ender’s Game premieres November 1st.

Hailee Steinfeld Covers Teen Vogue

Hailee covers Teen Vogue

She’s now becoming one of the most talked about actresses in the film industry and it’s all because she’s just an ordinary teen girl with a great hint of talent.

Hailee Steinfeld, Petra Arkanian, has been featured in many articles, was nominated for an Oscar in her role for True Grit and she’s only been shooting upward from there. To add onto her career resume, this month you can find Hailee on the front cover of Teen Vogue’s magazine. Looking as radiant as ever you can find pictures from her photo shoot and an article of her current projects Romeo & Juliet and Ender’s Game in the October issue available to the public September 10th.

You can check out behind-the-scene pictures of her photo shoot for the spread at the link given below.

Source: Huffington Post