Extend Ender’s Game Petition

Ender's Game Charity-Buzz

Fans of the Ender’s Game novel were surprised to see that the movie lacked a lot of scenes and characters. However, the movie got really great reviews and for undergoing much revision in the translation from book to novel it was relieving that it did not flop at the box office.

I think many fans would agree when I say that the movie is very rushed. I  mentioned in my movie review that I felt there was no progression for the plot to play out because everything seemed to play out one scene after another without “breathing time”. There has been talks around the nets that the movie has a longer version and even Harrison Ford mentioned he had seen several other versions of the movie that ran longer than 150 minutes.

Extend Ender’s Game is a petition to call for a longer version of the Ender’s Game film. If you want to support the call to action visit the webpage and sign the petition.

There is nothing to lose and maybe we launchies can make something happen.