Brandon Soo Hoo Interview

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Back in february Geek Legacy sent out a call for questions from fans to ask Brandon Soo Hoo, Fly Molo, for an interview. The interview took place over the phone but Brandon answered some amazing questions giving us some more insight to the Ender’s Game movie.

Alike many of the cast members Brandon is a fan of the novel and the Sci-Fi genre. Having been a fan of the novel before getting the role of Fly Molo he says he had only one thought “I hope I don’t mess this up.”

He also answered some questions with his charm and humor.

GL: You play Fly Molo, one of Ender’s Jeesh. What three words would you use to describe your character?
B: Intelligent. Sassy. Filipino.

Been wondering what other characters the actors would like to play? Well, here’s Brandon’s choice.

GL: If you could play any other character, who would it be and why?
B: I would like to have played Bean, Ender’s right hand man. His incomparable intelligence and complex background make him my favorite character in the series by far.

Brandon also mentions some anticipated scenes he’s waiting for us fans and himself to watch.

GL: What scene(s) from the movie are you most excited for us all to see?
B: The dream sequence scenes and battle room scenes are both highly anticipated. Both are going to be filled with dazzling special effects, so I’m looking forward to see how those came out.

I’m curious now to know what this “dream sequence” scene will look like. Possibly, it will be Ender’s perspective. Will he be dreaming of the mind game? Buggers? Valentine? Or do you think the sequence might be of a different character? Let us know in the comments.
 If you want to read the full interview visit Geek Legacy. Thanks to EnderWiggin for the tip.

Battle Room, Lasers, Mind Games, Oh My!

asa-butterfield-399x600New interviews are coming up with Asa Butterfield, Ender Wiggin, after his appearance at CinemaCon 2013 in Las Vegas. In each installment of interviews Asa reveals some new information about the Ender’s Game movie.

In a new interview with io9 we learn how the illusion of the frozen flash suits, when hit by the laser guns, are being created.

Speaking of the [Battle Room] gun, I know in the book when you shoot it, it freezes a part of the body [if it hits the target]. How did you act that out? Are they going to CG your body so it’s a different color [when shot]?

For the long shots you just had to freeze. You’re just frozen. For the close ups occasionally they had these contraptions that just locked your arm in place. And they did use CG to make sure there weren’t any tiny wobbles.

Nice that they are taking good care into putting so much detail in the battle room. Another interesting revelation is that the mind game was not forgotten in the transition from book to film.

When questioned about the hardest form of psychological torture for Ender Asa responds with saying Ender leaving his sister is a big reason for that. “I think that’s one of the things that really damaged him. As you can see in the mind game, as well. Which is a really interesting aspect of the film and the story as a whole.”

It seems like the mind game will be inputed into the movie as a catalyst to Ender’s tortured mind, as seen in the book. Probably, it works as a less complicated way for a film to show a first person interiority.

How do you picture the mind game to look in the movie? Do you think it will be made justice or are you anxious for its creation? Let us know in the comments.

Questions For Brandon Soo Hoo

Geek Legacy has opened the floor to readers and fans of the Ender’s Game novel and is accepting questions for an interview they have lined up for Fly Molo actor Brandon Soo Hoo.

The objective of this post is to open the floor to any readers out there that would like me to ask Brandon any specific questions come interview time. For those of you who have any ideas, please submit them in the comments section! All questions will be taken into consideration (and most likely will all be asked). There are no limits, so get creative ya’ll and let’s come up with some interesting inquiries!

Got some personal questions you want to know about Brandon post them here and maybe it will be asked and answered.

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An Interview With Orson Scott Card

Happy Halloween Launchies! I apologize for the lack of updates but I have been meaning to get this piece up for awhile. So trick-or-treat!

SPOILER ALERT: This interview talks about the following books Earth Unaware, Ender’s Game, Enchantment and Magic Street. (All by OSC; if you didn’t know) If you wish to keep clear of any spoilers do not read on or listen to the interview.

I warned you.

Back in the old days of October 16th 2012, a website named The Speculators’ Club got the chance to interview none other than our favorite author Orson Scott Card. They have posted a podcast of the interview but unfortunately it’s not embedded and only downloadable to a new window meaning I cannot post the actual interview on here but I will share the link to the post courtesy of the The Speculators’ Club.

The podcast begins with OSC talking about his expansion of the Ender verse and how he came about to write Earth Unaware. He gives a descriptive summary of Earth Unaware so, again, if you don’t want any spoilers fast forward.

He mentions that Earth Unaware is possibly going to stretch to three books, for those who haven’t heard. Also, he hints (and further corrects) that they are in development to work the story out as a TV series. As OSC says they haven’t signed with any network or have a deal for this (yet,anyway) so do not take this as an official announcement.

OSC continues with a discussion of how he projects his character development, and how he comes to create a character in his stories.

Then finally Speculator’s club brings up the burning topic that everyone would love to discuss with OSC at this point, the Ender’s Game movie! (gasp). And off the bat one thing he puts into perspective, that I believe every fan of Ender’s Game should truly engrave into their heads (especially those holding on to the idea of having every scene and detail of the book in the movie) “the actual story as written in the novel cannot be filmed.” -Orson Scott Card; author of Ender’s Game.

OSC talks about the novel’s perspective being of Ender but when outside of his head we only see his actions which label him as “a violent little kid.” Pointing out that motives are a key ingredient in this piece. This brings up the question that many have contemplated when the movie was first announced, how is director Gavin Hood going to translate the perspective of Ender Wiggin to film in a media where point of view is expressed differently in both book and film?

Card further goes on to speak about the film’s script and says that the production crew are making the “best movie they can, out of the script that they have.” Further into the interview he states that he, himself, believes that with the right techniques of the digital construction of the battle room and having the right actor playing Ender will grant the movie a good opening weekend.

As the author of the book that the film is based upon, we know OSC had visited the set while filming. He has also gone over the script, though the one in use is not his adaption, we know that he approves of the current one and approves of the actors (specifically he named Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford) and that they have a great chemistry when filming. I’ve said this with other book-to-film adaptions and it’s just the same with EG. If the author approves of the production of the filming then us fans need not worry about the films accurate translation of the book. We are getting basically a thumbs up by the creator of the story. They know the book well enough then we do to say if the director and actors are making an accurate portrayal of the novel. Let’s trust the pen master and go with the big opening weekend we all want for our favorite book to have.

Concluding the interview OSC makes some recommendations of his work. It’s suggested you should read “Enchantment” and “Magic Street”. They are independent novels that have no series. Allowing them to stand alone. Which also have it’s own disadvantages in popularity because now-a-days books with a sequel or trilogy are the bestsellers.

Now then have you had your fill of treats? Let us know your thoughts and feelings toward the interview, OSC, Earth Unaware, The Ender’s Game Film or anything not related to the interview in the comments below.

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Orson Scott Card Talks About Ender Wiggin and Earth Unaware

Find out how Ender came about, Battle School, Bean, and the Ender saga as well as Earth Unaware.

Here’s was Publishers Weekly said:

To celebrate the release this month of the audiobook version of Earth Unaware let’s take a look at the following video of Orson Scott Card holding court on all things Ender’s Game.

The audio edition of Earth Unaware is available from Macmillan Audio and read by Stefan Rudnicki and a full cast.

You can check out Publishers Weekly here.

Nonso Anozie Speaks Ender’s Game

At London’s Comic-Con RedCarpetNewsTV got to interview Nonso Anozie who plays Sergeant Dap. Anozie speaks about his character as being “a hard-ass on Ender”. How he is “a bad guy, but at the end you really start to see that there’s a reason why he’s been so hard on him.”

He follows up with saying he “had a great time working with Asa Butter[field]”, who he also got the chance to work with on Nanny McPhee Returns. Anozie also mentions the older actors of Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, and Viola Davis. “It was a really amazing experience I’ve had.”

An interesting part of the interview is at the end where Anozie teases on some of the film progression.

“We’ve got some little bits to do. I’ma go back to meet everybody again, because we’ve got a little bit left to do on it…It’s going to have a lot of things that no one’s seen before- a lot of computer graphics, a lot of visual effects. That people- kind of cutting edge. Stuff that nobody’s ever seen before.”

With a great cast and working on the film based upon one of the best Sci-Fi novels, who wouldn’t have an amazing time on set? Here is the video for the interview from RedCarpetNewsTV.

Khylin Rhambo Speaks About Ender’s Game

Red Carpet Report TV talked with Dink Meeker actor Khylin Rhambo at the Byron Allen’s Emmy Nominations and Fall 2012 Launch Event. Khylin Rhambo attended to support his new TV show The First Family. In this interview he talks about his time on the TV series and dished on some Ender’s Game info.