Photo: Bonzo and Ender; Plus Lot’s of Hi-Res Images

Cosmic Book News has released 38 Hi-Res images that include many stills we have already seen but also a few that are new. Check out the new stills that include Bonzo confronting Ender, Ender and Colonel Graff ready to launch and a Smiling Major Anderson.

To see the rest of the Hi-Res images go to Cosmic Book News.

Some of the stills aren’t too surprising because we’ve seen the scenes countless times in the trailer and TV spots but how about the still with Bonzo and Ender? Probably Bonzo is confronting Ender because of his disobedience in the battle room or is he pretending to yell at Ender in order to keep his command in his army?

Let us know in the comments what you think.

Source: Cosmic Book News


New Photos from the Set of Ender’s Game, Stills and Hi-Res Images!

The Italian entertainment news website, ComingSoon.Net, has released a gallery of images, some already previously released and some new stills including Abigail Breslin as Valentine Wiggin and Colonel Graff visiting Ender at the Wiggin house.

They also have some behind-the-scenes photo’s from the set that look pretty amazing and a couple of Hi-Res images of stills from the movie trailers and TV spots.

Valentine Wiggin



You can go to ComingSoon.Net for a look at all the photos they released.

How excited are you for the movie? We have 21 days left until the L.A movie premiere.

Ender’s Game premieres November 1st.

Photo: MTV Reveals Exclusive Ender’s Game Images

Wow, it’s been a flurry of a morning today. With the new Ender’s Game IMAX movie poster revealed by Fandango and the new mosaic IMAX poster revealed to Dragon Army earlier today on IF-Battle School has us launchies just wiggling in excitement.

In more news, has revealed exclusive images of the Ender’s Game movie that includes new stills of Petra and Ender and a couple of stills we’ve already seen before but still worth mentioning.

There are a few new images of Petra that we haven’t seen and by the look of them (I’m talking mostly about where they are walking together) it seems like comradeship than an intimate relationship between Ender and Petra.

How about Ender in the battle room shooting TWO laser guns. Since he’s still in his salamander army suit looks like he’s under Bonzo’s command still. Who wouldn’t be jealous to be as ninja-like as Ender?

What do you guys think of the new stills? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: MTV News

New Scans of Ender’s Game 2014 Wall Calendar

Yesterday we posted some new images of the Ender’s Game wall calendar that were shared by our friends at Ender News. Just today I got my calendar in the mail thanks to Amazon. I have some higher quality scans of the new images you can find in the calendar, while others include already released stills by Summit.

While some are small and I was able to scan them others were just too big to fit on my low scaled scanner so I refrained from scanning because I didn’t want to give you a half image. I’ll see what I can do with the bigger images I couldn’t scan but enjoy these.

Let me know what you guys think of the new images. It looks like Ender is facing Bonzo in the mess hall in one still while a favorite of mine is Petra and Ender holding hands and smiling like Friends usually do, right?

Ender’s Game premieres November 1st.

Photo: New Stills Revealed from Ender’s Game Calendar

Our friends at Ender News were given images of the stills that are featured in the 2014 Ender’s Game Wall Calendar. Thanks to Ender’s Game fan Kelson, who also won the auction for the Ender’s Game movie premiere tickets, we have some new stills to look at which include Valentine and Ender, a first look at Bean as a launchy, Dragon army and Ender in the mess hall.

Source: Ender News