IF-Battle School Final Mission!

IF-Battle School final mission

Launchies, the final mission has been assigned! Go to IF-Battle School to sign for a chance to win some amazing prizes from the official partnerships of Ender’s Game movie.


Photo: New Ender’s Game Mosaic IMAX Poster

For the past few weeks launchies were assigned a second challenge at the IF-Battle School in which they competed to be the first army to be included in a mosaic IMAX movie poster for Ender’s Game. Today Dragon army won the second challenge and we have the official Ender’s Game mosaic IMAX poster.



Pretty awesome, right? Can you find yourself in the mosaic? I’ve found my twitter @EndersVerse a couple of times on here.

If you’ve found your name share with us your name and where it is.

Ender’s Game premieres November 1st.

New Ender’s Game Preview Unlocked!

First Challenge winner Dragon Army

The first challenge for the IF-Battle School has ended and Dragon Army has unlocked a new preview of the final Ender’s Game Trailer.

What do you think of the preview? How about that battle in the battle room?

The final trailer will be released tomorrow Tuesday 8/6 at 9am PT on iTunes Trailers. Check back with us to get the link to the video.

IF Battle School’s First Challenge Has Begun

Ho Launchies! The first challenge for battle school has begun. Go to IF Battle School now to share your army assignment on Facebook and Twitter to unlock an exclusive preview of the final Ender’s Game trailer!

first challenge army assignment

If you haven’t been assigned an army yet login to your Facebook or Twitter and take the strategic aptitude test and get your assignment. After, armies will compete to unlock the exclusive trailer preview by sharing their assignments on Facebook and Twitter. By Monday, August 5th 9am PT the army with the most shares gets to preview an exclusive peek of the final trailer.

first battle

On Monday all cadets must check the site in order to find out the results and if your army won you can preview the exclusive content.

Leading up to the Ender’s Game premiere their will be various “battles” at the IF-battle school in which participants will be provided additional opportunities to receive exclusive content from the Ender’s Game movie.

Here are links to the multiple social sites to follow Ender’s Game movie:

Stay informed: IF-Sentinel.com
Become a fan on Facebook: Ender’s Game
Follow at Google+: Ender’s Game

Enlist In Battle School Now!

Enlist Now poster

Battle school needs you! Enlist into the IF Battle School now and become a commander to help protect Earth.

Here’s a new image for the “Enlist Now” post on the IF-Sentinel that shows the battle room scattered with stars and at the top you can see 2 soldiers shooting at something far beyond (Petra and Ender?)

I’m guessing, in part by the announcement of the upcoming challenge at the IF-BattleSchool, this new image was released to inform fans to visit the site.

Take the Battle School Aptitude Test!

Launchies, if you haven’t already go now to IF-BattleSchool.com and take the aptitude test to get assigned a battle school army.

if battle school army

Also, if you haven’t noticed (which I didn’t before) there is a notice to all cadets that the first challenge will commence on 8/2 (Friday). Not sure what these challenges are but I’m super excited to find out.

What do you think the challenges are going to be? Will we have to battle other army’s? That’s whats going through my head.

Also, courtesy of EnderWiggin here are the 4 army cover photos that you can download.

Asp-550x203 Dragon-550x203 Rat-550x203 Salamander-550x203