EnderCast Epsiode #13: Veni Vidi Vici


Friday the 13th episode. It looks like the ladies had some problems with the superstitious number but managed an awesome show. You can listen to the new episode of EnderCast now.

This weeks topics include:

  • Big thank you to Summit!
  • A bit about the experience doing the Google+ Meet the Fleet Hangout
  • Their immediate trailer reactions and discussion about Asa’s accent, Mazer’s tattoos, and the “spoiler” ending

Have any suggestions or questions for the hosts? Post them in the comments and we’ll be glad to pass it on.


Check out the Ender’s Game Hangout Now!

Reminder: Google+ Hangout for the Premiere of Ender’s Game Trailer




EG hangout


Just a reminder that today @1pm PT there will be a hangout on Google+ for the premiere of the Ender’s Game trailer.

Following the trailer the fanistes (including us) will be able to ask the 3 members of the Ender’s Game movie one question.

Official Movie Site For Ender’s Game Launches

IF Sentinel

Today the official movie site for Ender’s Game went online. It features IF messages that you can click on and enter to read a brief history of each. Also, including different links to media sites where you can share the messages of the IF, their own hashtags to use on twitter, and the primary links for a tumblr blog on the top righthand corner of the site.

Here’s what one of the messages titled “Series: Mission Statement of the International Fleet” says:

United under a single, harmonious government, the International Fleet serves to protect the Earth from another global invasion, while striving to maintain order and propel human progress on Earth.

The most essential pillar of a stronger world is unity. Only through unity can we work together to be prepared. “Lucky for us, every human being has preparation on their mind,” reports I.F. Major Gerald Stacks, special negotiations envoy to the nations of Earth. “The leadership of humanity must prioritize interstellar readiness and, to support that, total global cohesion.”

We know our enemy is out there, amongst the stars. But we also know the human spirit is strong, and that if we are united, we cannot fail. All citizens are encouraged to come together and participate in all global, national, and local peace discussions in the news forums.

At the end of this message it gives the hashtag “#ServeToProtect”.

So we urge you to follow, share and look through the new site to stay informed for further IF reports.

Don’t forget tomorrow at 1pm PT Summit will hold a Google+ hangout with Ender’s Game movie producer Bob Orci, director Gavin Hood and star Asa Butterfield. Along, with all the fansites including us! They will premiere the official trailer for Ender’s Game and hold a Q&A after with the fansites.

Ender’s Game premieres November 1, 2013.

EnderCast Episode #12: Ender’s Teacher


The new episode Ender’s Teacher is now up on EnderCast.com. Crystal and Kelly from EnderWiggin and EnderNews were kind enough to have me on the podcast for this episode. Together we dissected the 10 second teaser for the teaser trailer.

Also, I got the chance to play Pop Quiz, Fart Eater so listen to see if I was promoted commander or labeled the first ever fart eater on the show.

Topics for this weeks episode are:

  • Trailer announcement for May 7
  • First look at Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham
  • Brief recap of our sheer terror over meeting Sir Ben just like in the photo
  • 10 second teaser breakdown

Don’t forget Tuesday May 7th, director Gavin hood, producer Bob Orci, and star Asa Butterfield, along with everyone from the Ender’s Game fansites, including ourselves, will be hanging out in a Goggle+ hangout to finally witness the Ender’s Game trailer and ask the Ender’s Game crew some questions.

Ender’s Game premieres November 1, 2013.

Come Hangout with Asa Butterfield, Bob Orci and Gavin Hood!

EG hangout

Ready to meet the fleet? Hang out with director Gavin Hood, producer Bob Oric, and star Asa Butterfield on Tue 5/7 @ 1PM PT on Google+!

They are going to answer submitted questions and hopefully discuss the trailer reveal. Also, the fansites (including us here in the Fandom) will be joining the 3 in the hangout so it will definitely be an Ender’s Game party.

So who’s attending the hangout?

Trailer Premiere and First Look of Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham!

Summit has announced via Facebook that in 7 days (next tuesday; 5/7) Google and YouTube will premiere the Ender’s Game Trailer online. Who’s excited for a week countdown?


Also, tune in tomorrow for EW‘s premiere at the first look of Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham. We’ll get to see the war hero in his surprising face tattoos, what do you guys think will be shown in the still?

Who’s going to be glued to their computer screens for the trailer? What do you think of the trailer announcement? Let us know in the comments?