Ender’s Game Goodies Giveaway From Smart Pop Books

enders-world-giveaway-graphicIn honor of NovEnder 1st, the premiere of Ender’s Game in theaters, Smart Pop Books is giving away some Ender’s Game goodies.

To enter just go to Smart Pop Books and leave a comment about one of your favorite Ender’s Game moments. The giveaway ends November 7th at midnight and is only open to U.S and Canada residents.

Source: Smart Pop Books


First of the Month Giveaway: August Winner is…

August giveaway




The giveaway consisted of solving this riddle:

Rabbit, Phoenix and Salamander Army

Dragon lost no games and froze many challengers.

Where in the book did they “Came, Saw and Conquered“?

The answer could be found in the Ender’s Game book and I left a small clue to get you started. If you didn’t catch it, it was the highlighted phrase shown above. The notable saying “I came, I saw, I conquered” is used in many victory’s and as you may have guessed in Ender’s Game as well. Chapter 11, in the Ender’s Game novel, is titled after the latin phrase of this saying “Veni, Vidi, Vici”. We were looking for the first person to give us the title of this chapter in order to win.

Everyone was very close and did exceptionally well.

This month’s prize consists of a mini Ender’s Game movie poster and an IF insignia and Peter Wiggin for Hegemon button.

buttonsHi-Res movie poster

If you are the winner leave a comment with your email address so we may contact you with more info.

Look back for more giveaways at the beginning of each month.

Join Us Tonight for The Fandom Hangout, Episode II


Today, starting at 7:30pm Eastern Time/4:30pm Pacific Time, TheFandom.net is going to be hosting another Google Hangout!  If you missed our very first episode, don’t worry, you wouldn’t have needed to see it before watching this one to understand what’s going on.

But you certainly won’t want to miss tonight’s hangout, because we’ll be announcing some cool giveaways to help officially launch the new sites that have been basically transferred from tfgeekgirl.com to their own fandom!

We’ll be announcing the prizes and how you can enter each one as well as some news from our various fandoms.

Then we’ll get into discussing what’s going on in some of our busy fandoms, including movie news for some (Divergent, The Maze Runner, The Mortal Instruments, Ender’s Game, Percy Jackson) as well as TV and book news for others (Harry Potter, Delirium, Game of Thrones).

And we’re going to talk about some events that are or will be taking place in the very near future, so we hope you can join us tonight at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT.

Look for our tweet for the YouTube link by following @fandomnet, or go to The Fandom’s YouTube channel.

Goodreads is Giving Out Ender’s Game Movie Tie-Ins

Ender's Game Movie Tie In


Head on over to Goodreads and enter for a chance to receive a copy of the Ender’s Game Movie Tie-In. You have until June 28th to submit an entry before the giveaway closes.

Though there are 22 days left for the giveaway, there are only 15 copies to be given out and about 1300 entries already entered. So don’t put off submitting an entry.

Ender’s Game Teaser Poster Winners…

endersgame-poster-watermark-jpg_154535Our mini teaser poster giveaway has officially ended and thank you to all who entered!

We mentioned this in the post and repeatedly stated in any other mentions of the giveaway that the blog post comment entry was mandatory and we will know if you did or did not answer the question. For future giveaways and contests please follow the instructions and complete the form. The entries will always be simple and easy, unless you count referencing the book difficult.

Anyways, back to the show. So I am excited to announce the 2 winners of the Ender’s Game mini teaser posters. So without further delay the winners of a mini teaser poster of the Ender’s Game movie are:

UPDATE: One of our winners was kind enough to let us know that they have already won a poster. So I have reaped a new winner.

Christian Preziosi

Ann Raye-Whittiker

Congratulations to the chosen 2 (I’m starting to get a Hunger Games feel here)! Look out for our emails coming later today!

Ender’ Game Movie Teaser Poster Giveaway!

The first Ender’s Game giveaway was so much fun that I’m excited to announce our second giveaway. The most exciting part about this one is that the prizes will be mini posters of the Ender’s Game teaser poster.


Summit granted us with two Ender’s Game mini teaser posters and we want to share them with you! Alike the last giveaway, just follow the instructions at the Rafflecopter link below to enter the giveaway.

However, to spice up this giveaway I’m amping up the blog post question. If you do not leave a comment we will know and you will be disqualified if picked as a winner. You will probably need to look back at the novel for this trivia.

So without further ado, here is the question you will have to answer to in a blog comment: (and please name only 3 of the 9; naming all will not boost your chances of winning)

Name 3 of the 9 soldiers that join Ender on Eros in the Ender’s Game novel. (Hint: you can learn this from “Ender’s Teacher”)

There are multiple ways to enter, with different values for each entry. Below is the comments section where you can leave your answer to the blog question and for the rest follow the instructions as said. The more entries the more chances of you winning a prize. Click this link for the entry form:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest runs from Saturday, April 6, 2013 to Thursday, April 11, 2013. Two (2) Winners out of all the valid entries will be selected randomly to receive a mini teaser poster. Entries via Rafflecopter will be verified, so be sure to follow each step completely. Unfortunately, the contest is only opened to U.S residents.

Good luck Launchies!

UPDATE: Contest is now closed. Winners will be announced tomorrow!

Ender’s Game Giveaway Winners!

Ho Launchies! I’m so excited to announce the first Ender’s Game giveaway is officially closed and we have our three winners!

Third place: Tayler Harmon

Second place: Megan

First place: Elie Henderson 

Congratulations to the winners! Look out for our email! Here is a recap of what the three prizes were for the giveaway.

First place winner will get an Ender’s Game pendant courtesy of RaeGun Wear, who was generous enough to sponsor the pendant.


Second place will get a Comic-Con Ender’s Game pin and bracelet.

Bracelet and Pin

Third place will get a Comic-Con Ender’s Game pin. (As seen above)