Endercast #32: Fly Molo


The hosts of Endercast have a special episode this week. Not only do they have a list of topics lined up to discuss they welcome another cast member from the Ender’s Game movie. If you haven’t guessed from the title of the episode yet this week actor Brandon Soo Hoo, who plays Fly Molo in the Ender’s Game movie, stopped by to talk to Endercast and paticipated in a Pop Quiz, Fart Eater.

Topics they talked about with Brandon:

  • How he found Ender’s Game
  • What he’s up to now
  • What he’s most looking forward to in the coming month
  • His best memory from on set

After Brandon’s leave the hosts carry on with discussing the following topics:

  • Still. No. ICEES.
  • The big huge French lasertag competition
  • The new UK quad poster
  • New challenge to unveil IMAX poster tomorrow

You can listen to the audio at Episode #32. Need to catch up on past episodes? Go to Endercast.


Brandon Soo Hoo Interview

via J-14

Back in february Geek Legacy sent out a call for questions from fans to ask Brandon Soo Hoo, Fly Molo, for an interview. The interview took place over the phone but Brandon answered some amazing questions giving us some more insight to the Ender’s Game movie.

Alike many of the cast members Brandon is a fan of the novel and the Sci-Fi genre. Having been a fan of the novel before getting the role of Fly Molo he says he had only one thought “I hope I don’t mess this up.”

He also answered some questions with his charm and humor.

GL: You play Fly Molo, one of Ender’s Jeesh. What three words would you use to describe your character?
B: Intelligent. Sassy. Filipino.

Been wondering what other characters the actors would like to play? Well, here’s Brandon’s choice.

GL: If you could play any other character, who would it be and why?
B: I would like to have played Bean, Ender’s right hand man. His incomparable intelligence and complex background make him my favorite character in the series by far.

Brandon also mentions some anticipated scenes he’s waiting for us fans and himself to watch.

GL: What scene(s) from the movie are you most excited for us all to see?
B: The dream sequence scenes and battle room scenes are both highly anticipated. Both are going to be filled with dazzling special effects, so I’m looking forward to see how those came out.

I’m curious now to know what this “dream sequence” scene will look like. Possibly, it will be Ender’s perspective. Will he be dreaming of the mind game? Buggers? Valentine? Or do you think the sequence might be of a different character? Let us know in the comments.
 If you want to read the full interview visit Geek Legacy. Thanks to EnderWiggin for the tip.

Questions For Brandon Soo Hoo

Geek Legacy has opened the floor to readers and fans of the Ender’s Game novel and is accepting questions for an interview they have lined up for Fly Molo actor Brandon Soo Hoo.

The objective of this post is to open the floor to any readers out there that would like me to ask Brandon any specific questions come interview time. For those of you who have any ideas, please submit them in the comments section! All questions will be taken into consideration (and most likely will all be asked). There are no limits, so get creative ya’ll and let’s come up with some interesting inquiries!

Got some personal questions you want to know about Brandon post them here and maybe it will be asked and answered.

Thanks to EnderWiggin.Net for the tip.

Brandon Soo Hoo Talks Ender’s Game



J-14 magazine recently got the opportunity to talk to Fly Molo actor Brandon Soo Hoo about his work on the Ender’s Game movie.


J-14: How would you describe your character in ‘Ender’s Game?’ How are you like him? How are you different than him?


Brandon Soo Hoo: My character, Fly Molo, is a veteran soldier in Battle School. At first, he is introduced as Bonzo’s lackey, but he eventually comes to recognize Ender as the superior commander. I can definitely relate to Fly’s second-in-command role. A leader will always feel the majority of the pressure in a high-stakes situation, whereas the lieutenant is usually allowed to function below the radar. However, I’d say that unlike Fly, I would have a bit of trouble putting up with Bonzo. I have mild authority issues.

They also talk about how he was introduced to the Ender’s Game novel years before he got the role in the movie.

Brandon: When I was 11, my teacher gave me my own copy of ‘Ender’s Game‘ (thanks, Laura). It is still among my top five favorite books of all time. It’s funny because when I was reading the book, I was thinking, “If this book is ever made into film, I hope I can work in it.” I was thinking Han Tzu, but Fly Molo works too!

He mentions a couple interesting facts about his experience. One including his most challenging scenes to film and “[trying] not to look like you’re dying.”

Now why should we persuade non-Ender’s Game fans to go watch the movie? Well, Brandon has a response to that:

Because it’s going to be a classic, guaranteed. It’s an epic sci-fi novel, converted into an equally epic film. Plus: aliens, laser guns, and a racially diverse cast. What more can you ask for?

Getting even more excited for the movie release of Ender’s Game? (More than you are now). Let us know what you think about Brandon Soo Hoo in the comments.

Ender’s Game is set to release on November 1, 2013.

Cast Members Wrapping Up

I meant to post this sooner, but better late then never. Seems like some of the cast members are finishing up their time in filming. Brandon Soo Hoo (Fly Molo) has come to his finale on set as seen on the screen shot of his tweet earlier today.

As the cast begins to finish up I’ll keep you all updated with filming status. Until then enjoy the new Ender’s Game Blog post.