Khylin Rhambo as Dink Meeker (Unofficial poster)

Check this out launchies. Amazing art of Khylin Rhambo as Dink Meeker. Courtesy of @rickymiddlesworth on Instagram.

Khylin Rhambo


This is an unofficial poster, meaning it was fan made.


Fan Art Friday

Happy friday to everyone! I hope you are planning to spend the day and your weekend with some fun. With still no news or updates from Summit, here’s some fan made art that can keep you inspired.

Created by Dearheart42 (Thanks to EnderNews for the tip):

Created by yours truly me, here’s some stills I’ve been playing around with. Enjoy (click on the images for a larger view).

Fan Art Friday!

Ho Launchies! As we get a day closer to the premier of the Ender’s Game movie, Summit has been slowly leaking photos of the movie to arouse the excitement amongst us fans (And their strategy is on point, if I do say so myself).

On this day of Fan Art Friday I found a dedicated Launchy that has forever with her Ender’s Game.

via cchii

via cchii

The photo comes from cchii at Tumblr. The passage is the opening dialogue from the chapter titled “Graff” in the Ender’s Game novel. We were so astonished of her dedication to the book that we wanted the backstory to the ink. Here is what she said:

Why did you choose this specific passage to get as a tattoo?

Whenever I read Ender’s game I always laughed at this passage. It was my
favorite when I first started reading it. Then years later it’s still my
favorite. When I get sad I read this passage and I feel a bit better.
I get tattoos that mean something special to me. This tattoo
represents joy. Now whenever I am sad I can look at my thigh instead
of looking for my book (more like its easier to remember the fact its
tattooed then the book exists when you are balling your eyes out and
can’t think straight)

Why did this single passage stick out to you?

I just liked the wording, sarcastic, serious, funny, and just
everything a good conversation needs. Graff and Andreson’s
conversations at the beginning of the chapters always are amazing.
Graff is also the funniest character. Bean is my favorite though

Some impressive art. I tip my hat to cchii for the guts of getting the tattoo.

Do you guys have any cool art you want to share with the Ender’s Game fandom? (It can be any type of art, i.e sketches, photography, crochet) Let us know in the comments or visit

Phoenix Army T-shirt and More!

There hasn’t been any production news or revelations from Summit lately. So, I’ll just remind you that we have 280 days left for the Ender’s Game movie.

For the lack of news, why not check out the site where you can purchase some fan made Ender’s Game T-shirts and Posters.

This specific poster is designed by Malc Foy. You can find others at the site.

via Redbubble

via Redbubble

These 3 shirts are just a few from many T-shirts designed by Darian Robbins and can be purchased at about $23.52. The ‘third’ is my favorite and soon to be shipped to my house.

Will you purchase any shirts? Do you have any other Ender’s Game merchandise? Let us know in the comments.

via Redbubble

via Redbubble


via Redbubble

via Redbubble

via Redbubble

via Red

1 Year Until Ender’s Game Film Release!

Today marks the first of November which means in exactly one year us fans will finally be able to watch the much anticipated Ender’s Game film. Now it’s still a long days away but let’s just look on the bright side and celebrate one year!

If you’re feeling nostalgic Ender’s News posted a great timeline dating back to the commencement of filming in February. Check it out and let us know what you found most exciting in the past months.

Also, to keep track of the days Ender’s Game fan Darian Robbins has created an Ender’s Game movie calendar that numbers the days forthcoming and includes some cast birthdays and gives a shout out to visit our site.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr and our friends at Ender’s News (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr) and Ender’s Game fan-art creator Darian Robbins (Twitter, Tumblr).

Enjoy your week and don’t forget The Enemy’s Gate Is Down.

Fan Comic: Ender and Bean Mischief

Ender’s Game is mostly a serious series, but every now and then we love a whacky take on things, like this short comic strip by RayArray in which Ender and Bean put aside their differences and plan a little mischief…

Ender's Game Ender Bean Comic RayArray

by RayArray

Ender’s Game Craft: Little Yellow Ship Origami

Our friends at EndersAnsible have gotten VERY creative with the book art for Ender’s Game. They have come up with an origami shape that replicates the little yellow ship on one of the Ender’s Game book covers. Click on the link and you can craft the ship and share your results. Have fun!