New Footage for the Ender’s Game Movie

Yesterday Harrison Ford, who plays Colonel Graff, appeared on the German TV show Wetten Das to promote the Ender’s Game movie. Not even two days after we got the first movie clip from Ender’s Game we have a second video with new footage showing Petra and Ender in the battle room! Watch the video below.

From the very little German I can understand, either Petra or Ender counts from 3 to 1 when they flip backwards off each other.

You can also see Ender smiling. He’s smiling in the battle room. Maybe because he disobeyed orders and is finally doing something to help his army win *wink wink*.

What do you think about the new footage? Are you freaking out for the movie yet? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to EnderWiggin for the video.


Exclusive First Movie Clip from Ender’s Game!

We are 26 days away from the movie premiere and we’ve seen A LOT of awesome activity within the Ender’s Game fandom.

To add more awesomeness our friends at EnderWiggin had the honor to reveal the first movie clip from the Ender’s Game movie. The scene involves Colonel Graff giving Ender Dragon army. Watch the video below to commence the fan craze.

I cannot describe how excited I’ve become, but I’m sure you all know how I’m feeling. The clip is amazing. I think Ender and Graff have an awkward and intimidating relationship here that seems very mush the same as in the book.

What do you think of the new movie clip? Let us know in the comments.

Ender’s Game premieres November 1st. Use the hashtag #NovEnder to follow news and updates from the fansites.

You can love Ender’s Game and not agree with Orson Scott Card

If you haven’t noticed, Ender’s Game has been coming under a lot of fire lately, and it all has to do with the anti-gay marriage views of author Orson Scott Card. Some of you may be going through a moral quandary about this, knowing how much you love the book, yet disagree with the man.


You should NOT feel guilty, and you should feel very comfortable separating the book from Card’s views. None of that homophobia is present in Ender’s Game, nor is it represented by anyone in the movie.

Just yesterday, the wonderful Ender’s Game site — — put together a PHENOMENAL piece on the situation, which we highly recommend any troubled fan (or really, anyone who loves Ender’s Game) to read. Here’s a sample:

What truly bothers me is that the cast and crew of the film are being forced to bear the burden of Card’s words and actions, which is definitely something that I hold against the author. The bulk of the cast is made up of child actors ranging in age from 12 to 19. They’re in essence being found guilty by association and suffering the consequences of a constant stream of negativity of what is no doubt the pride and joy of many of their careers.

To those curious, I personally am a supporter of gay marriage, which is probably why I think about this issue so much. I constantly feel torn in two different directions. And yes, I have read his anti-gay marriage and anti-government op-ed pieces. I’ve read the article. I know he’s on the board of NOM.

I understand why Card is such an easy target. He’s painted a big fat bullseye on his forehead on more than one occasion. However, I don’t think that the right way to deal with his opinions and actions is with further hate… CONTINUE READING HERE!

Rotating Ender’s Game Movie Poster?

Thanks to a tip to EnderWiggin.Net a fan encountered a rotating battle room in an Ender’s Game movie poster at an L.A. theater.

via EnderWiggin

via EnderWiggin

Click on the image to see the battle room move! This looks positively amazing! I’m making it my mission to look for this poster or one similar to it.

What do you think of the creative promo for the movie poster? Would it catch the eyes of bystanders to look into Ender’s Game? I believe so.

Endercast: A New Podcast for Ender’s Game Fans

Ho launchies!

What with all that has been going on in the wait for the Ender’s Game movie (like the unveiling of the teaser poster, the launch of the official movie site and the trailer release date announcement to name a few) I know some of you are just itching to talk to other fans about the excitement like we are.

Well look no further. You can now tune into a new Ender’s Game podcast called Endercast. Hosted by Kelly from Ender News and Crystal from EnderWiggin.Net.


Though, Endercast is on its 8th episode you can go back and catch up on episodes 1-7 at Also, look forward to many more in our wait for the Ender’s Game movie.

Here’s the promo for episode #8 which you can listen to now.

Hey Launchies and welcome to Episode 8 – All My Love, Turkeylips. If it’s been a while since you’ve read Ender’s Game, this phrase is from Valentine’s letter to Ender after Graff visits her at school to mention that Ender’s education has stalled along with his motivation.

Topics for the episode included, but not talked about in order:

  • Happy Birthday Asa (and Crystal)
  • Passage from Ender’s Game about Ender’s birthday
  • Birthday celebrations from Ender News and
  • Ender’s World reviews coming soon, next week we will have a couple of author guests
  • launches splash page
  • Official Twitter launches @EndersGameMovie
  • WonderCon mini posters

Kelly mentioned my Ender’s Game Easter eggs, you can view them here.

You can follow the fansites and check back here to find out the release of future episodes.

The fandom is really coming along with all the Ender’s Game promotions and marketing, so let’s support other fans on their creativity and talents. Enjoy the rest of the weekend launchies.