Ender’s Game Blog Post #11: Poster Reveal!

After almost a 9 month standstill the Ender’s Game Blog is active again and with some great news! Director Gavin Hood posted today a sneak peek of the soon to be revealed movie poster for Ender’s Game.

via Ender's Game Blog

via Ender’s Game Blog

Along with the picture he mentions his relation to the novel and Ender himself. Stating that he, too, understands Ender’s “battles with authority figures he does not trust and his development as a leader”.

He also talks about space camp and the development of the battle room.

We are now well into post production and the famous zero gravity battle room scenes are looking fantastic.  We started a year ago by sending our talented young actors off to a “space camp” to train under the guidance of real NASA astronauts.  They learned to move in zero gravity environments and experienced the wonderful feeling of weightlessness.  Mix in some truly incredible visual effects work and today we are looking at battle room scenes that will blow your mind!

That is just a taste of the sundae. The cherry on top is what he ends with:

Tomorrow you will get your very first look at the battle room with the reveal of the teaser poster on Yahoo! Movies.  For now, enjoy a small tease of Ender’s feet at the gate! I wish I could show you more, but with just over six months to go before our Nov 1 release date, the poster will at least give you a small glimpse of what we are working towards.

Finally, tomorrow we will have a poster to identify our anticipated Ender’s Game movie. So stay tuned for the big reveal tomorrow!


Ender’s Game Blog: Production Designer Duo

In the aftermath of production on Ender’s Game we tend to look back at the process that got us (yes, production crew, cast and us, the fans) to this point. That is what the new update on the Ender’s Game blog is all about.

Ben Procter and Sean Haworth — our amazing Production Designer duo — were tasked with bringing a difficult piece of Science Fiction to life… and they were more than up to the challenge.

Together, they created a unique blend of technology and humanity that made the ENDER’S GAME sets eventually seem like home.

As a duo, they played to their strengths, mixing a strong Illustration and Visual Effects Art Direction background (Ben), with the application of a physical set build and Art Directing (Sean).  It turned into a symbiotic “divide and conquer”, and the results speak volumes.

When asked about the Formic worlds both Ben and Sean’s replies are given with such excitement that “Even in a short conversation, their excitement for the project is tangible.  And it certainly helps that they were already fans of the novel.”

Ben describes his interest in the two cultures of Human and Formics:

“We tried to imbue the spaces and vehicles with a gritty, engineered realism that would help sell the seriousness of the training our hero kids are going through. The visual style of the Formics, on the other hand, needed to be both exotic and beautiful to represent a society not deserving of extinction.”

They were already fans when working on the film. Ben “read the founding short-story at age twelve, and has been a fan ever since.” As for Sean, he read the book later in his twenties deftly remembering the “science and technology” but as well as the horror of human elements behind the story.

“I was torn between wanting to be Ender but never having to be faced with that kind of a future,” he said.

I think we all had that feeling at one time.

Sadly, for the time being this update is the last for the blog as tweeted by Roberto Orci.

So, as the Ender’s Game Blog ends the post “Farewell… for now.”

Ender’s Game Blog: Costume’s!

You think your job is tough?  Try having to dress an entire imaginary, future-world.

Petra Arkanian’s costume stencils for Ender’s Game film.

Ender’s Game Blog gave us a treat about how Christine Bieselin-Clark took on the task in creating the whole Ender’s world costume’s out of scratch!

That responsibility fell to Christine Bieselin-Clark, our wonderful costume designer.  She was tasked with making the future look — and even feel — real and tangible.

With science fiction, there’s a danger in creating a look that seems so foreign it becomes alienating.  For ENDER’S GAME, we wanted to make a future that looked both functional and logical.  We wanted it to be a future where you can picture yourself in their shoes.

But of course, it is the future.  For the uniforms, all synthetic materials were used, meaning no loud silk florals.   And for the flash suits… well, we actually had to create them out of thin air.

Christine built the flash suits from virtually non-existent fabrics designed by our incredible production team.  The idea was to take cues from “extreme sports” to inspire our design, using real world practicality as opposed to the heightened reality of superhero spandex and a cape.

And the best part?  They look pretty darn cool.

They also mentioned how much work went into making Nonso Anozie’s (Sergeant Dap) uniform.

I would love a Dragon Army jumpsuit if that’s not too much to ask! What do you think about original uniforms and suits for the movie?

Ender’s Game Blog: Ask the One’s Behind the Film

We got another update from the Ender’s Game Blog today. And I think this one has to be the most exciting so far.

The picture that accompanies the post shows producer Roberto Orci standing over his ‘director’s chair’ with, I’m assuming, the film script in hand.

Also, check out the background! Looks like the battle school walls.

The post begins with a quote from the memorable scene between Ender and Bean: “I need you to be clever, Bean.  I need you to think of solutions to problems we haven’t seen yet.” 

But the most exciting part about the post is that they have opened a comment box for us fans to ask questions about anything Ender’s Game related. So if you haven’t yet get on over there and ask something so we can get as much information as possible.

Ender’s Blog: Storyboard

Square one for Ender’s Game was to film all the kids strapped on to bungee chords and see what they could get.

Well, that was the idea for some people. Which is why a professional was called in.

Yesterday Ender’s Game Blog was updated and we have a look at the director Gavin Hood marking off another scene finished on the set of “Ender’s Game”.

The last bit of the post reads:

Here you see him crossing off a completed shot of his detailed story boards in the zero g battle room where our young actors, in their zero g training suits, are showing off the high flying skills they’ve learned from our veteran stunt coordinator Garrett Warren.

You can read the official post here.

Seems like these scenes are getting a lot of effort put into them. Which makes me feel a great deal of relief knowing that the film won’t look like a Twilight Zone episode.

As for the pictures on the storyboard, I have a great imagination but little interpretation of what scenes they could possibly be from. The second row from the bottom looks like Asa (Ender) or Aramis (Bean) on some controls. The row of pictures above those look like, possibly, Asa (Ender), again, in his training suit. The others I say to be speculated on what they contain, or I’ll leave it up to you guys to discover what they show.

Also, I want to point out that in the picture there is a green wall of some kind. It could possibly be a green screen for CGI effects. I’m not to familiar with these tools but I can assume they are. Or the walls just happen to be a neon green there. (shrugs)

I wonder for what scenes they would need a green screen…any guesses?

Ender’s Game Blog Update

The more futuristic the world, the more invisible its technology. So why shouldn’t Ender’s room look just like any normal kid’s room?

Though, Battle School is in space and children are genius’s doesn’t mean everything else has to be futuristic. As shown in the new update from the Ender’s Game Blog tumblr page we can see a glimpse of what Ender’s room looks like back at home.

Looks very average in the futuristic world. I’m digging the feel that is shown in the room. The familiarity of it allows us to relate with film more. Let’s hope more sneak peeks will be posted soon. Every wednesday the tumblr blog will be updated with new info upon the film, so keep an eye out.

What do you think of the new picture? Is it helping you to build a sense of how the film is going to be? Let us know in the comments.