Meet Mazer Rackham and Admiral Chamrajnagar from the Ender’s Game Alive Audioplay

Enders Game Alive

The Cast introductions continue and this time we meet International Fleet members Mazer Rackham voiced by Richard McGonagle and Admiral Chamrajnagar voiced by Vikas Adam.

Richard McGonagle Enders Game Alive

Richard McGonagle as Mazer Rackham

You may have heard his voice in many projects including the movie 500 Days of Summer. It was a “no-brainer” for his casting as Mazer Rackham. With a warm-hearted manner and his commitment to his job Richard McGonagle was the right man for the part. And you can’t go wrong with his voice. Deep and enchanting I would say. I can’t wait to hear how he brings to sound this war legend.

Vikas Adam Enders Game Alive

Vikas Adam as Admiral Chamrajnagar

Vikas Adam not only played Admiral Chamrajnagar but cut back to his youth and also voiced the characters Fly Molo, Pol Slattery and Rose de Nose. Vikas has worked in televison, film and theater and has experience as an acting teacher. Also, being a an experienced audiobook narrator he’s worked with Skyboat Media on many occasions.

You can watch a video of both Richard and Vikas in action at Skyboat Media’s Vimeo.

Ender’s Game Alive is now available on CD at Amazon. The MP3 audio is due out October 29th. Also, you can purchase a copy from Audible on October 22nd.

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Ender’s Game Alive Audioplay: Meet the Parents

Enders Game Alive

The Wiggin household has been the starting line up in the announcement of Skyboat’s Media cast introduction for the Ender’s Game Alive audio play (EGA). And what would a household be if it weren’t for the heads of the house? Please meet the voices behind John-Paul and Theresa Wiggin, Arthur Morey and Gabrielle de Cuir.

Enders Game Alive

Arthur Morey is an award-winning narrator with over 130 projects under his belt. Skyboat Media calls him the “perfect match” for John-Paul because he not only brought in the right amount of humor but because he and Paul Boehmer (Peter Wiggin) really sounded like father and son.

Theresa Wiggin not only was the mother of beloved Ender Wiggin, but director to EGA? Gabrielle de Cuir, who voices Theresa Wiggin, is none other than EGA’s director who couldn’t just listen to the production but had to get into the sound booth. Gabrielle is also an award-winning narrator and actress and is also the voice of Valentine Wiggin in the original Ender’s Game audiobooks (which Skyboat Media also produced). Having to focus on the EGA project she handed down the part of Valentine to Susan Hanfield, reluctantly (just kidding!). Check out a video of Gabrielle giving away the part of Valentine below (please note that she is just playing around in the video…that is, from what we have been told).


Also, you can watch a small clip of Gabreille de Cuir voicing Theresa Wiggin below.



There is still more introductions to be heard of so check back for future posts.

Ender’s Game Alive is released October 22nd. Pre-order your copy at Amazon.

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Listen to a Sample of the Ender’s Game Alive Audioplay

Enders Game Alive

Ender’s Game Alive is now in post-production and the lovely people at 50 Nugget Wash, the team that worked on the audioplay, have a sample for fans to listen to. The scene takes place in Ender’s launch from Earth to Battle School. Click the link below to listen.

Ender’s Game Alive sample

With having heard the clip go to Skyboat Media and try to guess the actors who voice the launch group. It looks like they have a prize for correct answers.

Pre-order your copy now, Ender’s Game Alive.

The new release date for EGA is October 22nd.

Meet Peter and Valentine Wiggin from the Ender’s Game Alive Audioplay

Enders Game Alive

Last week we featured the first post to Skyboat Media’s introduction to the Ender’s Game Alive cast, which included the voice behind Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, Kirby Heyborne.

Paul Boehmer EGAIn their second round they introduce us to none other than Ender’s two halves Peter and Valentine Wiggin, Paul Boehmer and Susan Hanfield.

In ways, these two characters are two halves of Ender’s whole, and so it was incredibly important for us to find the right actors to play them.

Paul Boehmer who plays Peter Wiggin had a great reaction from the casting directors for the audioplay when he channeled his inner bully making the attendees of the first table read laugh and sigh. He’s worked as a stage, television and film actor and has worked on past projects with Skyboat Media’s like Dracula.

Watch the video below for a peek at his reading of big brother Peter.

Susan Hanfield EGAPeter being the hard half of Ender, Valentine helped Ender realize that love is the other half of himself. Susan Hanfield is a very hard working women. Involved in narration and voice-over she is also “an accomplished actor who has appeared in several independent films, theater productions, and national commercials.” She’s also involved in the soon-to-be released audio Letters of a Nation. Susan was able to bring the vulnerability of warring siblings and was able to channel that nurturing sister. Just watch a clip of Val and Ender’s lake scene below.

I have to say Paul and Susan are amazing. I’m super excited to see what more they bring to the two characters.

With the new cast list introductions I find more and more excitement for Ender’s Game Alive. Who do you guys want to meet next?

You can follow Skyboat Media and stay up-to-date with Ender’s Game Alive and other news at their Twitter account and Facebook page.

Ender’s Game Alive comes out October 29th. Pre-Order your copy now at Amazon.

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Video: Ender’s Game Alive Reveals their Cast List and A Clip of the Audioplay

Enders Game Alive

Earlier in August Skyboat Media announced their production of Ender’s Game Alive, an Ender’s Game audio play. With help from author Orson Scott Card the script for the audio play was re-written to fit the audio play.

Now in post-production, Skyboat Media is releasing their cast list for us fans to meet the actors behind our beloved characters. First on the list is, you guessed it, Andrew “Ender” Wiggin who is played by Kirby Heyborne.

Kirby Heyborne EGA

via Skyboat Media


To read about Kirby and his past work and success head on over to EGA Cast List and find out other works of his talent.

Also, in addition to the introduction of the cast Skyboat Media has a small clip of Kirby recording a line as Ender for the audio play. Watch the video below.


A small peek but it’s enough to get you excited to listen to the finished audio.

You can look out for the release of Ender’s Game Alive on October 29th. Pre-order your copy today at Amazon.

Source: Skyboat Media

Ender’s Game Audio Drama Update and Behind the Scenes

We learned recently that Skyboat Media is going to feature an Ender’s Game Audio Drama “Ender’s Game Alive: A Full Cast Audioplay” which is set to release somewhere in October. As production of the radio drama is ongoing we will keep up with the recording and voice actors on their work in bringing the voices to the characters. You can also keep up with the progress of the recording by following them on twitter at SkyboatMedia.

Here’s a rundown of day 1-3 of production:

July  9th, Day 1:

Here’s a quick recap: Kirby Heyborne gave Ender a seizure.  Kathe Mazur gave away her roll.  Janis Ianscared us all to death with her nurse voice.  Theo Bikel nearly unplugged Ender for all time.  Harlan Ellisonslithered about as the Snake.  Scott Brick flew the ship.  Susan Hanfield as Valentine made us teary.

Go to Skyboat Media to read more.

July 10th Day 2:

We had such an incredible group today, it’s difficult to name them all, but heck, we’re too proud and excited not to.  We had father-daughter team Jim Meskimen and Taylor Meskimen as Ender’s only enemy and friend, respectively.  In other words, Jim kept calling Taylor a butt-wiggling worm in a French accent, but don’t worry, Ender helped Taylor—we mean, Shen—get her revenge.  (Who’s a butt watcher now, Bernard?!)  The fabulous Lisa Renee Pitts took several stunning accents for strolls through classrooms and the Caribbean; Roxanne Hernandez wowed us with her animatronic drone and her punchy Petra; Sunil Malhotra played up meanie Stilson and the wise Alai; and Christian Rummel wowed us all with his Bonzo-inflected Spanish.  Kirby Heyborne continued as the heart of the story, warming our own as he found his confidence where his classmates lost their footing (Take that, Bernard!).  And our seemingly never-ending chorus of boys, girls, players, and launchies was made whole by the versatile voices of Kelly CateyAlison Bews, and Judy Bews (That’s right, folks; this time it’s a mother-daughter team. Show business is a family business, right?!).

Go to Skyboat Media to read the rest of the post.

July 11th Day 3:

Enjoy an exclusive sneak peek of our actors in the booth recording for ENDER’S GAME ALIVE: THE FULL CAST AUDIOPLAY, produced by Skyboat Media and published by

You can read more on the new cast and the sneak peek at Skyboat Media.

You can also keep up with the voice actors and production group on their Facebook page, as they showcase their “own little drama behind the scenes.” Look for the hashtag EGAD (Ender’s Game Alive Drama) for updates and behind the scenes of the voice actors and production as they launch into the project.