First Photo from the Ender’s Game Movie

Entertainment Weekly has released the first still from the Ender’s Game movie!

Ender's Game Movie still. Asa Butterfield Harrison Ford Colonel Graff Ender

In the photo above, we get a first glimpse of Hugo’s Asa Butterfield (right) as Ender, standing in line with other new recruits (a.k.a. “Launchies”) early on at his time in the Battle School. He’s facing off with the imposing Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford) over whether his emails to home are being blocked. It’s telling that the two characters are clashing over communication, since they’ve got major communication issues with each other. In the novel, Ender could never be sure whether Graff was manipulating him, or whether he simply saw great potential in him and wanted to foster it.

The article also goes on to describe the relationship between Ford and Butterfield during filming, as well as Asa rising up to the challenges of the role:

The actors tried to mirror their characters’ emotions. “The relationship between [Harrison] and Asa was very close,” explains Hood, “but he didn’t overly befriend him off the set. He helped Asa by allowing that slight sense of intimidation to be there.” Getting intimidated by Indiana Jones himself? Sounds like a cinch! What was harder for the cast of children (Check out the full cast gallery) was filming the movie while going to school. “The kids have to attend school for at least three hours of class every day, plus do homework, so you can only shoot with someone like Asa for five hours of your day,” says Hood. “There was no time for fooling about or not knowing your lines or being unprepared.”

To everyone’s delight, Butterfield (along with every child actor) proved himself a true professional. “Asa being prepared meant that we could focus on the scenes, and these are complicated scenes for a young actor,” says Hood.

Check out the full article here!

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How does the first still look to you? Are you even more excited about the movie? Are there any concerns about the look of the actors or the set? Let us know in the comments!


Fan Comic: Ender and Bean Mischief

Ender’s Game is mostly a serious series, but every now and then we love a whacky take on things, like this short comic strip by RayArray in which Ender and Bean put aside their differences and plan a little mischief…

Ender's Game Ender Bean Comic RayArray

by RayArray

Vote for Ender and Petra in The Clash of The Epic Characters!

Hello! If you haven’t heard yet, The Clash of The Epic Characters (#COTEC) is on to Set 3 of Round 1! is pitting specific characters from 10 of our beloved YA novels/series’ in a battle for the most epic character of them all!

There are two Ender’s Game battle in this set: Ender Wiggin is battling it out with Renesmee Cullen from Twilight while Petra Arkanian goes up against Christina from Divergent! Who’s the most epic?

I highly recommend that you put in your votes! You can vote multiple times and this set of battles ends at just before midnight 9/1//12. Then another set of battles will begin on 9/3/12.

We’ll keep you updated on who’s next for that as well.

Spread the word and vote!

UPDATE: This set has closed and the results are in. Check out who passed to the next round.

Next set goes up 9/3/12. So get ready because more Ender’s Game characters will battle it out in this set.

Orson Scott Card Talks About Ender Wiggin and Earth Unaware

Find out how Ender came about, Battle School, Bean, and the Ender saga as well as Earth Unaware.

Here’s was Publishers Weekly said:

To celebrate the release this month of the audiobook version of Earth Unaware let’s take a look at the following video of Orson Scott Card holding court on all things Ender’s Game.

The audio edition of Earth Unaware is available from Macmillan Audio and read by Stefan Rudnicki and a full cast.

You can check out Publishers Weekly here.

Ender’s Game Questions Answered

Today, some questions about the film were answered on the official Ender’s Game production blog. Here are the answers:

Valentine asks:

As fans of the book, what is your favorite scene from the book? Do you have a different favorite scene from the movie?

I always loved the scenes within the Mind Game that Ender believes he plays for recreation in the orbiting battle school.  Part video game, part psychological test, and if you know the book, part something extraordinary that shouldn’t be given away for those who have not read the book.  As for my favorite scene from the movie, we are still filming it so I haven’t seen it yet!

Reuben asks:

Question to Mr. Orci — How has this production differed from past (and other current) projects? I’m especially interested to know how you feel about the cast’s interactions and your feelings about the script, now that you see it ‘in action’.

Let’s see.  Well first, though I have had some experience with bringing beloved stories to the screen that had intelligent and rabid fan bases like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3, TRANSFORMERS, and STAR TREK, this is the first movie with a pre-existing fan base I have worked on that I didn’t write.  This means I that got the chance to evaluate the material merely as a fan.  Gavin’s script made me jealous, but it was also a relief that he had satisfied what I would want as a fan from a difficult adaptation.  Also, I have never worked with so many talented young actors who became friends so fast under such amazing circumstances.  Seeing Asa, who plays Ender, and Hailee, who plays Petra, floating high above the set and getting the giggles was amazing and frightening all at once.  They laughed for like twenty minutes, which as a producer on a clock eager to finish your shooting day can give you a heart attack.  But soon we all had the giggles, and the joy of it overcame the panic.

Chris Neumann asks:

What are the visual influences for the movie? Syd Mead or Star Trek? 2001 or Armageddon? Jon Berkey or Michael Bay?

Visual influences?  One thing I can tell you is that Gavin Hood is a gigantic Stanley Kubrick fan, and it shows.  And yet, in some of the Zero G battles, things are going on that Kubrick never had a chance to tackle.  The technology and advancements in film making available to us allowed us to realize a vision that is totally unique and modern while also being, as Harrison Ford calls it, one of the most emotional science fiction movies he has ever seen.

William Harley asks:

How much time is going to be spent on developing Graff’s relationship with Ender? To me, those insights into the command level of the school really brought out the meaning of leadership and how to tackle the challenges that come up.

The relationship between Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford) and Ender (Asa Butterfield) is key to the movie’s success.  Graff would love nothing more than to be Ender’s friend, yet Graff can’t always show it because he has to make it clear to Ender that in the event of another alien invasion, there will be no one available to help him.  Their relationship is simultenously heartbreaking and fun.

Paul2012 asks:

Is it a movie for adults, about kids, or a kids movie? I hope for the former.

Like the book, the movie Ender’s Game is about young protagonists dealing with one of the most adult situations known to man: WAR.  We don’t soft peddle it, yet we don’t shy away from the fun of being in space and learning amazing new skills that we would all want to learn at any age.

As we know, many scenes in the movie aren’t in the book. As OSC said when he visited the set:

The scene does not come from the book – very few of the scenes in this movie do – so it was amusing when others asked me how it felt to have my book brought to life. My book was already alive in the mind of every reader. This is writer-director Gavin Hood’s movie, so they were his words, and it was his scene.

So, of course, we’ll have favorite movie scenes and favorite book scenes. This is actually really exciting, I love book to film adaptations that change it up a bit. I’m also really excited to see how Graff and Ender’s relationship is shown. Harrison Ford is one of my favorites, so I’m already stoked as it is. I completely agree with what was written above, though. I can see why Graff and Ender’s relationship is key to the movie’s success. I really hope they capture that feeling of complete forced independence that Ender has in the book. I think that’s part of what makes him such a strong character. And the way Graff has to treat him contributes to this greatly.

What are your thoughts so far?

Ender’s Game Fan Made Song

Earlier this week I got a notification about a fanmade song by Noah Silver called “Ender’s Game The Movie Credits Song”.

Here’s the youtube video for the song.


What do you think of the song? I really felt for it. Though, Noah meant for it as a credit song I think it can be applied to other parts of the book/movie. The song seems to reflect Ender’s post-final battle state. When Mazer Rackham tells him that the battles were real, Ender goes into a dazed state. Noah says “it’s just a game shut your eyes and pretend”. I believe this represents what Ender tries to do when he lets himself go limp and unresponsive.

What did you take from the song? Let us know in the comments.

Ender’s Game Blog: Ask the One’s Behind the Film

We got another update from the Ender’s Game Blog today. And I think this one has to be the most exciting so far.

The picture that accompanies the post shows producer Roberto Orci standing over his ‘director’s chair’ with, I’m assuming, the film script in hand.

Also, check out the background! Looks like the battle school walls.

The post begins with a quote from the memorable scene between Ender and Bean: “I need you to be clever, Bean.  I need you to think of solutions to problems we haven’t seen yet.” 

But the most exciting part about the post is that they have opened a comment box for us fans to ask questions about anything Ender’s Game related. So if you haven’t yet get on over there and ask something so we can get as much information as possible.