Gavin Hood Speaks About Ender’s Game Film at Comic-Con 2013

Here’s another Comic-Con video we found that includes director Gavin Hood talking about his passion in working on the film.

It reassures me the way Gavin speaks on the film, that the movie will be a great experience for us fans. His passion for the story is just as immense as ours and for his ability to be able to bring it to life we can stay assured that the movie will be just as great an adventure as the book was.

A few moments I want to point out from the video are his words on our human behavior (specifically the dualities he mentions) which leads to his mention of making the movie PG-13 (!), the lack of Peter and Valentine screen time, and most importantly sequels.

“You want to catch the epic and the intimate.” A quote from the video which I think Gavin Hood sums up pretty well for what the fans want to see in the movie.

Source: MoviesDotComOfficial


Ender’s Game Cast Interview’s with EW at Comic-Con 2013

With the hype and flutter of Comic-Con this year we probably missed some interviews the cast did during the event but here we are still trying to catch up with the press.

EW interviews Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld hours before their Hall H panel. Mostly they talk about the storyline of the movie and their characters. Also, about those darn painful harnesses!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Endercast From San Diego’s Comic-Con 2013


The hosts from Endercast got the chance to roam the grounds of San Diego and ended up in space! Not really, but they got the chance to visit the Ender’s Game Fan Experience and sit in the Hall H panel of Ender’s Game Thursday.

EnderCast Episode #22: Launchies in Line

Topics they discussed:

  • General discussion of how camping went
  • The Ender’s Game Experience
  • What we hoped to see in the new footage that was to be released in the panel (but that turned out to be a full trailer)
  • Afterwards, we wrapped up the episode on Sunday by talking about the trailer itself and doing a quick Comic Con wrap up

In addition to sitting in the panel, EnderCast got the chance to speak to the infamous bullies of Ender, Caleb Thaggard (Stilson) and Conor Carroll (Bernard).

EnderCast Epsisode #23: Ender’s Bullies

Topics they discussed with them:

  • What did they think about the Ender’s Game Experience?
  • Both guys give us the lowdown on their casting process and how it felt to be cast in the movie
  • We find out who got them to read Ender’s Game
  • We also discover how weird it is that two of the nicest kids we’ve met are cast as bullies and villains all the time!

Summit’s Comic-Con 2013 Party

Ender’s Game made its presence known during San Diego’s Comic-Con 2013. With its grand tent and its huge logo standing tall just on the other side of the street from the convention center, fans didn’t mind walking the extra few feet to visit the Ender’s Game Fan Experience. What best way to promote the movie and for fans to see the epicness of Ender’s world than to show up at San Diego’s Comic-Con 2013?

After the Hall H panel that the cast of Ender’s Game participated on Thursday (July 18th), Summit Entertainment held their Comic-Con 2013 party for their featuring films at the Hard Rock Hotel. Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld were two of the eye catchers of the day and arriving that same day and joining the party was Aramis Knight who plays the beloved character, Bean.

You can view pictures of the cast below. Also, here are videos of the red carpet at the Summit party. In the first video the very first person is producer Roberto Orci as he poses for the cameras. At the 1:30 mark you can see Aramis Knight shining his white smile to the cameras as well. Video’s provided by ScreenSlam.

In this second video, at the 1:43 mark we see Asa Butterfield as he (awkwardly?) poses in his casual ensemble.

Here is an interview with Hailee Steinfeld while she walked the red carpet.


Source: Just jared and thanks to Ender’s Game Fansite as well.

How would Hailee and Asa do in the Battle Room?

MoviesDotCom Official got a chance to sit down with Hailee Steinfeld, Petra, and Asa Butterfield, Ender, as they told us who would be best in the battle room.

Interview’s With the Cast at the Ender’s Game Fan Experience

Peri Nemiroff, an entertainment journalist (you might have read some of her coverage from many movie sites) made her way through the Ender’s Game Cast on Wendsday night, preview night.

During the Ender’s Game Fan Experience on the preview night she got the chance to interview Director Gavin Hood, Producer Roberto Orci, Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld.


Comic Books, Comic Art and Nail Art?

A lot of buzz has been going around for the Ender’s Game cast, but I wanted to share something amazing about Hailee Steinfeld.

Via @HaileeSteinfeld

“I mean, I hat too…”

She wrote on her twitter account when posting the above pic of her Comic-Con and Ender’s Game inspired nails. And not only did she go all out on her nails but her wardrobe also for Wednesday night.

Just Jared EG Fan Experience


Following her fashion sense Hailee wore this eye catching dress by Kenzo which stole the sight of every camera at the Fan Experience exhibit.

I love her sense of style and I hope she keeps up with it because she is a fashionista.