Vote for Ender in Clash of the Epic Characters Round 2!

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The clash continues in set 2 of round 2 with Ender Wiggin going against Minho from The Maze Runner. In his first challenge Ender passed by a great margin but now it seems like he has fallen behind. Let’s help him get back to his feet and play the game!

Go to schedule of clashes and vote for your favorite characters in this set. Polls are open until 9/26 midnight ET/9pm PT.

If you haven’t yet seen Peter Wiggin was included in the first set of round 2 but unfortunately lost his battle against Percy Jackson’s Leo Valdez. But don’t fret we can still keep 2 of the 3 characters that made it this far. Help Ender NOW and keep an eye out for Mazer Rackham.

So VOTE VOTE VOTE for a victor.


Clash Of The Epic Characters: Round 2!

Round 1 has officially ended and what a scene did those victors make! Today polls open for round 2 of the Clash of the Epic Characters!

32 victors move on to the second round of the clashes and with great pride I write that 3 out of the 6 characters chosen from Ender’s Game are included, Ender Wiggin, Peter Wiggin and Mazer Rackham. We did a great job in voting and supporting these warriors and now it’s time to step it up for this next round.

Going against other victors and the margin of fighters cut to half we need to step up our game and get our winners going in the Clashes.

Starting today 9/20 polls open for the first set of round 2. Participating in this set is our victor Peter Wiggin who is going against Percy Jackson’s Leo Valdez. Go to Schedule of Clashes to see the list of participating victors of the first set.

The polls are open till 9/22 midnight ET/9pm PT. So help Peter Wiggin and VOTE VOTE VOTE


Vote Mazer Rackham in Clash of the Epic Characters

Round 1 set 7 is in full motion! This set includes the first bugger war commander Mazer Rackham who is going against Twilight’s Edward Cullen. The poll is open until 9/15 midnight ET/9pm PT.

Last set we saw Bean in his battle against Percy Jackson’s Thalia Grace. Unfortunately he didn’t make it to the second round with the Wiggin brothers. He was short a few votes which shows that he was very close to victory. Let’s see if we can get Mazer to follow his pupil Ender in victory.

So go to Schedule of Clashes and VOTE VOTE VOTE.

Vote for Bean In Clash of the Epic Characters!

Battles have been ongoing but we last saw an Ender’s Game character back in set 4 when Peter Wiggin won his clash against Divergent’s Tris Prior.

Now we are up to set 5 in this first round of the Clash of the Epic Characters and to our excitement Bean is battling it out against Percy Jackson’s Thalia Grace. Currently it seems Bean is in the lead but we still have ’till 9/12 midnight ET/9pm PT to keep him ahead. So go and vote as much as you like at Schedule of Clashes and check back to see who moves on to round 2!

Vote Peter Wiggin for Clash of the Epic Characters!

We are now into set four of the first round in The Clash of the Epic Characters! This week Peter Wiggin is up to challenge Tris Prior from Divergent. The polls are now open so go to Schedule of Clashes to vote for Peter and some of your other favorite characters battling.

This set is open from 9/3 to 9/5 midnight ET. Vote as many times as you want and check back on the last day to see who won.


If you haven’t seen already the past set of clashes included Petra Arkanian and Ender Wiggin. Unfortunately Petra lost to Divergent’s Christina BUT moving on to round 2 of the Clash of the Epic Characters is Ender Wiggin who won his battle against Renesmee Cullen from Twilight.

Go vote today, now! Let’s make Peter a victor along side his brother.


UPDATE: The battles ceased and the fittest stand, go to Schedule of Clashes to see who had the upper hand!

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Vote for Ender and Petra in The Clash of The Epic Characters!

Hello! If you haven’t heard yet, The Clash of The Epic Characters (#COTEC) is on to Set 3 of Round 1! is pitting specific characters from 10 of our beloved YA novels/series’ in a battle for the most epic character of them all!

There are two Ender’s Game battle in this set: Ender Wiggin is battling it out with Renesmee Cullen from Twilight while Petra Arkanian goes up against Christina from Divergent! Who’s the most epic?

I highly recommend that you put in your votes! You can vote multiple times and this set of battles ends at just before midnight 9/1//12. Then another set of battles will begin on 9/3/12.

We’ll keep you updated on who’s next for that as well.

Spread the word and vote!

UPDATE: This set has closed and the results are in. Check out who passed to the next round.

Next set goes up 9/3/12. So get ready because more Ender’s Game characters will battle it out in this set.

The Clash of the Epic Characters!

TheFandom.Net is hosting a series of battles from which characters of 10 popular YA books will be going head to head. Each battle will give a summary of the character and statements from admins of those fandom’s to give support in selling the strengths and greatness of each character.

Many fandom’s have been selected to participate including our very own Ender’s Game fandom. We will be given the opportunity to battle great heroes and warriors from other books and hopefully show what great fighters our characters are. To give you a heads up six of our characters have been reaped into battle.  Ender Wiggin, Bean, Valentine Wiggin, Peter Wiggin, Petra Arkanian and Mazer Rackham.

I’ve been told that starting Monday a new poll will go up and that our very own Valentine Wiggin will be placed in one of the battles. So I’ll update you on that when it is opened.

To vote for your favorite character in the current battles go to Schedule of Clashes. This first poll ends tonight midnight ET so if you want to get a look at the first rundown head on over now.

For more info on what books and characters have been reaped into these battles check out COTEC at TheFandom.Net and watch the amazing video they have created for the clashes.

Who will be victor? Who will win? The battle is on.

UPDATE: The first round of battles have ended and victors have been announced! Go check out the winners and the new schedule of battles that are set to begin tomorrow.