Drunk Literature: Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game is such an intense fandom, so it’s great to see moments of silly levity in there too!

The team at Drunk Literature has mastered the art of getting friends to ramble on about books they love while under the influence. One such friend talked all about Ender’s Game and the result is pretty hilarious!


Vote for Ender and Petra in The Clash of The Epic Characters!

Hello! If you haven’t heard yet, The Clash of The Epic Characters (#COTEC) is on to Set 3 of Round 1! TheFandom.net is pitting specific characters from 10 of our beloved YA novels/series’ in a battle for the most epic character of them all!

There are two Ender’s Game battle in this set: Ender Wiggin is battling it out with Renesmee Cullen from Twilight while Petra Arkanian goes up against Christina from Divergent! Who’s the most epic?

I highly recommend that you put in your votes! You can vote multiple times and this set of battles ends at just before midnight 9/1//12. Then another set of battles will begin on 9/3/12.

We’ll keep you updated on who’s next for that as well.

Spread the word and vote!

UPDATE: This set has closed and the results are in. Check out who passed to the next round.

Next set goes up 9/3/12. So get ready because more Ender’s Game characters will battle it out in this set.

25 Copies of ‘Ender’s World’ to be given away at San Diego Comic-Con

Smart Pop Books will be at the San Diego International Comic Convention July 12-15 and they’ll be giving attendees a chance to win one of 25 copies of Ender’s World (edited by Orson Scott Card himself), a book that will not be coming out until February 2013.

If you are going to be at the San Diego Comic-Con, then be sure to check out their booth and get your badge scanned to enter the drawing.

Come by and ask us to scan your badge to be entered to win an advance copy of Ender’s World. We’ll pick the winners after the end of the convention and notify you via email. Then we’ll ship you your copy, hot off the presses, as soon as they’re printed!

Here’s the synopsis:

Ender’s World conscripts almost two dozen writers of science fiction, fantasy, and young adult books to offer new perspectives on the 1985 novel, along with insights gleaned from other Ender stories that fit within the Ender’s Game chronology, including Ender in Exile and Ender’s Shadow. In addition, military strategists Colonel Tom Ruby and Captain John Schmitt offer insight into the human-Formic war. A contribution from Aaron Johnson, the coauthor of the Formic Wars prequel novels, is also included.

The collection’s insightful analyses and moving personal essays are rounded out with short pieces answering more technically oriented questions about the Ender universe, including: Why is the Battle Room a cube? and Why did the military recruit their soldiers as children?

Read more about what will be at the Smart Pop Books booth!

Ender’s Game Fan Art

With the weekly reports of the Ender’s Game Blog we are treated to some amazing pictures about the film. If you haven’t been able to catch up on some posts visit the tumblr page to see what you’ve missed.

In the midst of all these exceptional pictures I want to share some Fan Art that I came across at deviantart.com that stood out to me.

This one done by ~ziwu had me captured. It is a shot of the last surviving pilots in the formic war, that Ender fought, who steer their shuttle’s into the bugger world to set off the MD Device.

What caught my eye was that it was the first piece I’ve seen to show a view of the pilots who sacrificed their lives to leave forever their families and Earth to fight in the war. It emphasizes their story, that I feel not very many people take into account. Maybe you do, and thats awesome, but I love back stories and this picture is telling one-thousand words. Also, I may add, that if you visit the link for this picture (the link for ziwu) you can zoom in and check out the details of the picture. The bugger world, the badges on the suit, and the picture and what’s written on it. Incredibly creative.

This one done by polishedivory must be a favorite to many.

Which way is the enemy’s gate? I think we can all answer this. It is one of my favorite lines, whether Ender says it or Bean. I also like how polishedivory designed the Dragon Army training suit.

You can check out more fan art at the site. There are some pretty incredible and creative pieces. If you find one that you must show and tell you can contact me (enders.speaker@yahoo.com) or any of the other admins on the site. We want to share what you are interested in.

First Experience Reading ‘Ender’s Game’

This is a short, well, book review if you will. And it will contain my reasoning for recommending this book to everyone I know.

I picked up Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card on Monday, and finished it two days later. I’m now reading Speaker for the Dead, which has done everything but disappoint me thus far. The moment I picked up Ender’s Game, Card’s writing mesmerized me. I’d never enjoyed a Science Fiction novel as much as I enjoyed this one. The author’s way with words and amazing detail only added to the great, almost crazy plot line that he created. The idea is completely original, and the story has the ability to make you think. The ideas are so insane that they’re brilliant. The thing I enjoyed the most about this book, though, was the main character. Ender Wiggin.

I didn’t realise that I loved him so much until the middle of the book. This boy is just so…good. Good to the core. Corrupted by the ones controlling his life. Made into something he doesn’t want to be. But that fact that he thinks about the things he thinks about, and feels guilty about the things he feels guilty about, just adds to his beautiful character. I’ve never had this feeling when reading a book. Wanting to feel bad for a character, but not being able to because of the way that they react. Being able to see what Ender sees and understand what he feels…has filled me with admiration, not pity.

The world that lives in this book kept me up for hours. I tried to put myself in Ender’s shoes, and I ended up sobbing.  This child who’s chosen because of something he can’t change, who’s pushed way too far way too many times. A child who loses his innocence and becomes what he hates because of the people controlling his life, messing with his mind. Then I put myself in the other characters’ shoes. What would I do if I were them? If I had to say one thing about this book, it’s that it made me emotional. But emotional in a way that’s different from Harry Potter or The Hunger Games.

To me, this story really brings out the fault in humans and the choices life hands to us. It’s about saving other life from humanity, as well as saving humanity from humanity. It honestly opened my eyes. I always thought of the possibility of other intelligent life-forms. I thought it would be the coolest thing, to be able to communicate with a new species. Even though all of the Sci-Fi books and films made it seem like they would just want to invade us and hurt us. What if we did discover other life-forms, and the same thing happened in real life that happened in this book? Would we even be able to communicate with them if we found them? Have they already found us? It’s and exciting and frightening thought.

Card is amazing at building realistic characters. Every character was so…real to me. From Bonzo to Bean. Especially Peter. It’s hard for me to explain how close I got to these characters. Again, I’d recommend this book to anyone and everyone. The message is truly amazing. And the author knows we’re all going to interpret it in different ways. And that’s the great thing about books, in my opinion. It tells a different story to all of us, while simultaneously telling the same story to all of us.

“Because in the pages of this book, you and I will meet one-on-one, my mind and yours, and you will enter a world of my making and dwell there, not as a character that I control, but as a person with a mind of your own. You will make of my story what you need it to be, if you can. I hope my tale is true enough and flexible enough that you can make it into a world worth living in”. –Orson Scott Card