Happy Birthday Hailee!

So it’s still December 11th (in some parts of the country) so technically we aren’t late. We just want to send a big Happy Birthday to our Petra Arkanian actress Hailee Steinfeld who turns 17 today.


Happy Birthday Hailee from all us here at the Ender’s Game Fandom!


Happy Birthday Aramis Knight!

Today Aramis Knight, who plays Bean in the Ender’s Game Movie, celebrates his 14th birthday.

Happy Birthday Aramis, from all us here at Ender’s Game Fandom!

Happy Birthday Alex Kurtzman!

Today Ender’s Game movie producer, Alex Kurtzman, is celebrating his 40th birthday.

Alex Kurtzman

Happy Birthday Mr. Kurtzman, from everyone at EndersGameFandom.Net!

Happy Birthday Orson Scott Card

Today the author of our beloved novel Ender’s Game celebrates his birthday.

Orson Scott Card


Happy birthday Mr. Card, from all us here at the EndersGameFandom.Net.

Happy Birthday Viola Davis!

We want to wish a happy birthday to the lovely Viola Davis who plays Major Anderson in the Ender’s Game movie.


Happy birthday Viola, from all us here at the EndersGameFandom.net!

Happy Birthday Harrison Ford!

Today our Colonel Graff, Harrison Ford, celebrates his 71st birthday.

Happy Birthday Harrison Ford, from us here at Ender’s Game Fandom!

Happy Birthday Gavin Hood

Today Ender’s Game director Gavin Hood celebrates his birthday.

Thank you Gavin for bringing our favorite novel to life. Happy Birthday from us here at Ender’s Game Fandom!