First Look at Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham!

To play a character in a film isn’t the only thing an actor needs to transition that character from novel to film. In addition to Gavin Hood’s ideas for the film the make-up Ben Kingsley had to wear for his role as Mazer Rackham was key in bringing Mazer to life.

EW gives us the first look at Ben Kingsley in full costume as Mazer Rackham.

via EW

via EW

The kids on set weren’t the only ones being taught about their roles. Ben Kingsley had a Maori tribal expert with him explaining the history about his tattoo.

 “Every gesture in the tattoo carries family history, family struggles – it’s your past,” the actor says. “I was so enthralled. He’s in quite a contained, stylized uniform but then this wonderful face tells his warrior history.”

You can read the full article at EW. How do you feel about the addition of the Maori tattoo’s? Are they a creative addition? Or do you think a little too much makeup for the character? Let’s discuss our thoughts in the comments.


Trailer Premiere and First Look of Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham!

Summit has announced via Facebook that in 7 days (next tuesday; 5/7) Google and YouTube will premiere the Ender’s Game Trailer online. Who’s excited for a week countdown?


Also, tune in tomorrow for EW‘s premiere at the first look of Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham. We’ll get to see the war hero in his surprising face tattoos, what do you guys think will be shown in the still?

Who’s going to be glued to their computer screens for the trailer? What do you think of the trailer announcement? Let us know in the comments?

Kyle Clements Cast as Young Mazer Rackham

Ender’s Ansible has confirmed that Kyle Clements has been cast as the young Mazer Rackham for the Ender’s Game film.

Kyle has many credible works including Battleship, Breakout Kings and  House of Bones. Check out his page at IMDb. He has been at work on set, but today was a wrap for his character.

I can see a resemblance between Kyle and Ben Kingsley. Do you? Well he is playing young Ben so there must be. Also, with a young Mazer cast we will get a glimpse of the second invasion videos or maybe flashbacks. Maybe learn what went on during the glorious win over the buggers.

Shooting Stars With NASA

Fluxed as we are, MTV News also knows what’s gravitating in the world of Ender’s Game. Recently, they caught up with Bobby Cohen, who works with the producer Roberto Orci. Alike Alex Kurtzman, who showed his galactic enthusiasm for the cast, Cohen expressed his feelings about the actors as well.

“Our other movie is ‘Ender’s Game,’ based on the incredible book that people have been trying to make forever. A lot of directors have tried to do it. We have an amazing script. Gavin Hood is directing, we’ve got Harrison Ford, Sir Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis, Hailee Steinfeld from ‘True Grit,’ Asa Butterfield from ‘Hugo.'”

Plus, spilling some insight of the set that took place at a NASA sound stage.

“There is a NASA stage where they literally used to build the rockets for the space shuttle that is now actually a sound stage,” he said. “They will be spending 65 some odd days about 45 minutes from here on a big giant set. So that’s going well.”

Watch the interview here.

This is STELLAR! It should definitely give us a bit of relief that they went for a realistic look for battle school and not a made set from scratch. And what better way to film a space school then filming at NASA headquarters.

You can read Alex Kurtzman’s interview here.

Are your dreams of being an astronaut still awake in you? How do you feel about the NASA sound stage? Let us know in the comments.

Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham

Sir Ben Kingsley has graciously signed on to play Mazer Rackham. Being that Mazer is described as half-Maori New Zealander, I wasn’t sure if this is a role that Sir Kingsley should play. However, given his ability to have played both Asian and European characters, I guess it isn’t too far-fetched for Hollywood to have this man of half Indian and half English descent play the role.

Acting aside (which he is quite capable of doing), let’s take a lot at the various faces of Ben Kingsley:

Official Cast on YouTube and Viola Davis

It has been announced by several websites, including Geek Tyrant, that Viola Davis has signed on to be in Ender’s Game as a supporting character. Although there is no official name for her character yet, she is stated by Variety to play a military psychologist in charge of the emotional well-being of the trainees.

This casting is getting really exciting, what with Harrison Ford and Sir Ben Kingsley already signed on as well as a handful of very capable young actors. This makes me a little hopeful that Hollywood is really starting to take these YA books as seriously as adult books.

Viola Davis is a stage/film actress with a Tony Award under her belt as well as a 2012 Oscar nomination for her role as Aibileen Clark in the movie The Help. With the caliber performances that these actors will bring, is there any doubt that this movie can be a truly successful sci-fi film?

UPDATE:  Viola Davis has been confirmed to play the role of Major Anderson, according to Ender’s Ansible.  You may have noticed her very short hair during the 2012 Academy Awards.

To whet your appetite, here’s a video of images of the official cast, courtesy of ClevverTv24: