The Second Formic War Trilogy Confirmed by Aaron Johnston

Earlier today Aaron Johnston confirmed that a new trilogy is in the works. The Second Formic War manuscript is due sometime in 2014. The trilogy will add three more books to the Enderverse making it six prequels to Ender’s Game.

Aaron Johnston confirms The Second Formic War

The first formic war series includes the already released Earth Unaware and Earth Afire. While the third book Earth Awaken is set to be released June 10, 2014. Pre-order at Amazon.

Also, Earth Afire is nominated for Goodreads 2013 Choice Awards for “Best Science Fiction” novel.


Salt Lake Comic-Con Held an Ender’s Game Panel on their First Opening Night

Aaron JohnstonSalt Lake city held their first Comic-Con this week and excitingly they opened the night with an Ender’s Game panel called “Ender’s Game: 30 Years of Books and Comic to the Big Screen.” With a panel that included co-author to the Ender’s Game prequels Aaron Johnston and Ender’s World contributors Eric James Stone and Mette Ivie Harrison.

With 55 days left until the movie premiere of Ender’s Game, Aaron Johnston talked about how the adaption of the novel-to-film was a difficult process that ultimately ended with a whole new script written by director Gavin Hood.

“First and foremost, ‘Ender’s Game’ is a difficult book to adapt because much of the conflict takes place in Ender’s head and film is a visual medium,” said Johnston, an associate producer for the forthcoming “Ender’s Game” film and Card’s co-author on several “Ender’s Game” prequels.

Johnston’s insight dovetailed well with something Card told the Deseret News in an interview last week. “During the prep for the movie, I wrote 20 versions of the script myself trying to figure out how to solve the problems,” said Card, who ultimately had no hands-on involvement with the film’s final script. “It’s a devilishly hard book to adapt to film, because it’s all inside Ender’s head.”

enders worldBoth Eric Stone and Mette Harrison are authors to essays that you can find in the collection of Ender’s World. Stone talks about his piece “How It Should’ve Ended”, the first chapter of the book:

“What happens after the final victory is what gives (Ender) the chance to redeem himself,” Stone said. “So I end up concluding that actually Orson Scott Card knew what he was doing when he ended it the way he did.”

In addition, Mette Harrison talks about her piece “A Teenless World” in which she “explores the significance of Card’s decision to write “Ender’s Game” in such a way that even young children are regularly afforded adult treatment.”

“To me the teenage years are those years when you’re the size of an adult and you’re perfectly capable of behaving like an adult but everybody tells you you’re not allowed to,” Harrison said. “I think one of the great things about ‘Ender’s Game’ is that there are no teenagers — there’s nobody that’s stuck in this place where you’re told what you can’t do.

“Ender is a child for a while, but as soon as he is capable of becoming an adult he is really treated like an adult.”

You can watch a video of the first Comic-Con event below.

You can read the article in full at Deseret News.

Aaron Johnston Talks About Earth Afire and Writing the Prequel

Earth Afire book cover

With the release of the second installment to the Ender’s Game prequels Earth Afire, Orbitbooks had the chance to talk to co-author Aaron Johnston about his involvement with Orson Scott Card and the books.

When Orson Scott Card asked me to coauthor the prequel novels to his science-fiction classic Ender’s Game, my first two thoughts were: (1) Wow, what an incredible honor, and (2) You better not screw this up, Johnston, or fans will hunt you down and toilet paper your house.

Johnston goes on to explain his process on writing the prequels to the popularized Ender’s Game series.

In fact, it was so important to me that the books sounded and felt like other OSC novels that before I started writing each day, I would usually pick up an OSC book and read a chapter or two just to get my mind in a place that spoke in the voice and rhythm of Orson Scott Card.

You can read the full article here.

Don’t forget to get a copy of Earth Afire sold everywhere books are sold.

EnderCast Episode #16: Earth Afire


If you haven’t guessed from the title of this weeks episode, the hosts of EnderCast welcomed none other than co-author of the Ender’s Game prequels The First Formic War, Aaron Johnston. With a special long episode as a treat they covered some great grounds with Aaron and even got him to take part in the infamous Pop Quiz, Fart Eater.

Topics they discussed:

  • How collaboration works on books in general and how he and Card write these books together
  • Their decision to exit Mazer so early in book 1
  • Aaron’s personal take on movie Mazer’s tā moko tattoos
  • The various versions of the movie script, the long road to production, and the difficulty of film adaptations
  • Aaron’s thoughts on the production team for the movie
  • His reaction to the trailer (he also drops a little bomb on us about the movie!)
  • On why Speaker for the Dead is likely unfilmable

I just want to input that I got the chance to meet both Aaron Johnston and Orson Scott Card at the LA Times Festival of Books a while back and I have to admit they are both such nice people. It made my year (yeah, believe it!) to have had the chance of conversing with both authors.

Also, it made me very happy to know that Aaron does check up on the fansites when he has time. So if you’re reading this Aaron “Hello” and thanks for the awesome experience!

Don’t forget to leave feedback in the comments for the hosts.

Pick up a copy of Earth Afire on June 4th anywhere books are sold.

Earth Afire Book Trailer

The book trailer for the second book in the prequel series to Ender’s Game, Earth Afire, is out and I’ll tell you it definitely has me wanting to pick up Earth Afire the moment it is sold in bookstores.

Check it out here:

Sadly I haven’t gotten around to Earth Unaware but that is the first on my list of books to read this summer. Anyone set to read the second installment to the Ender’s Game prequel’s?

Earth Afire comes out June 4 wherever books are sold.

Source: Torforge

Earth Afire: Prequel to Ender’s Game

Earth Afire cover art

With Earth Unaware as the first book in the Ender’s Game prequels Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston are now releasing the second installment of the prequel set, Earth Afire. Tor Books has announced that Earth Afire will be available to all in a Tor hardcover on June 4, 2013.

One hundred years before Ender’s Game, the aliens arrived on Earth with fire and death. This is the story of the First Formic War.

A huge alien ship arrives in near-Earth orbit, leaving behind it a path of destruction and devastation that stretches across the solar system. Mining stations, trading posts, ships, colonies — all have been destroyed, with tens of thousands of people dead. No warning was ever sent to Earth because the alien ship has disrupted all radio communication.

Victor Delgado tried to warn Earth, traveling in a fast ship from the Kuiper Belt that arrived before the aliens. But skeptical governments refused to believe that there was any threat. They don’t believe that until the aliens land in China and begin burning everything in sight  . . .

The book will definitely enthrall new readers not just to Ender’s World but to the whole Sci-Fi genre. It will excite current Ender’s Game fans also.

The pacing and the vivid action scenes will satisfy hard-core military-sf buffs. At the same time, the characters and the ethical foundations under them are at the high level we have come to associate with Card. Laying their own foundations under Card’s Ender Wiggins saga, the Formic Wars promise to add to Card’s already high reputation and to his collaborator’s as well.”

–Booklist, starred review for EARTH AFIRE

Card and Johnston craft cinematically detailed environments for their space miners, 

thieves, and outcasts, probing the inner mechanics and conflicts of various groups. Social upheavals

and political ineptitude are realized through rich characterization and brisk action,

marrying the genre staple of alien invasion with conflicts of conscience.”

–Publishers Weekly for EARTH AFIRE

You can pre-order a copy now at Amazon.
Who’s going to get their copy on June 4th? Any one haven’t read Earth Unaware? Let us know in the comments?

Orson Scott Card, Aaron Johnston and Ender’s Game at LA Times Festival of Books

This past weekend USC hosted the annual LA Times Festival of Books. In attendance was Orson Scott Card who was scheduled for a conversation with Aaron Johnston, co-author of Earth Unaware.

The conversation was held around 1:30pm in Ronald Tutor Hall with an attendance of about 200 people. OSC talked about the Ender’s Game movie and how it differs from the novel, the possibility of an Ender’s Game sequel, a possible TV series of the Enderverse and Ender’s world after death.

The audio was captured by Cassandra at EndersAnsible. To hear the audio go to EndersAnsible where you can listen to sections of the conversation. (Also, Cassandra tried her best to get a clear recording of the conversation so if any piece gets tuned out we are sorry for it).

After the conversation Cassandra and I met up and stood for about 3 hours in line to get our books signed. (It was worth the wait because we got to meet both Aaron Johnston and Orson Scott Card and get our books and movie posters signed; we also got to meet some amazing Ender’s Game fans).

Also, Summit Entertainment had set up a booth in which they were pressing T-Shirts for “Ender’s Game” and giving out pins and movie posters. (As seen below)

It was a very exciting day. Ender’s Game opens in theaters November 1st.