Ender’s Game Actors Cast for Japanese Dub Film

Ender’s Game has been seen in many countries but Japan has a January 18, 2014 release. For those interested in the Japanese dubbed version, earlier this month the list of the “Ender’s Game” Japanese main voice cast was released:

Andrew “Ender” Wiggin (Asa Butterfield)…Ryota Osaka

Petra Arkanian (Hailee Steinfeld)…Satomi Sato

Valentine Wiggin (Abigail Breslin)…Ryoko Shiraishi

Bean (Aramis Knight)…Miyuki Sawashiro

Alai (Suraj Parthasarathy)…Houko Kuwashima

Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford)…Tsutomu Isobe

Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley)…Mugihito


japanese dub actors

Pictures of cast voicing Valentine, Ender and Petra

Also, Crunchyroll announces that a Japanese audio drama is in the works. Skyboat Media has recently released Ender’s Game Alive, an Ender’s Game full cast audio play.

Source: Crunchyroll


Harrison Ford Invites David Blaine Over For Some Magic


Harrison Ford & David Blaine

We’ve all seen the magic tricks magicians practice like the bunny in the hat or one of the numerous card tricks they shuffle with. However, with a professional like David Blaine I bet you have never seen a card trick like the one he pulls on Harrison Ford?

Go to Clickonline and check out the video of the mind blowing card trick that left Mr. Ford speechless.

Ender’s Game Inspired…Martinis?

Fans of the Ender’s Game series have been waiting for the movie adaption for years! We patiently awaited the launch of this space shuttle and we finally are in orbit. With the movie out now and a TV spin off in talks, I guess we can patiently wait again for any news of the new trilogy Aaron Johnston announced or a green light for the TV spin off.

As we wait patiently, check out some fan made drinks from EXP bar online. They created cocktails to memorialize Ender’s Game.

So Like many of you i read Ender’s game in middle school. Obviously being that age I fell in love with that book. As time went on I read the book over and over and couldn’t wait to watch it on the big screen. So this weekend the movie comes out and we all here at EXP bar decided to memorialize the Wiggins children in martini form. because above all they need to be classy and fierce.

Locke – We made the Peter strong, with a nice burn, but a hint of sweetness with a slow bitter finish. A powerful blend with a hint of love for the first Wiggin child

EXP bar online Locke drink

Demosthenes – We made the Valentine sweet, warming, and a nice little kick to show her strong side. A loving sweet blend for the second Wiggin child.

EXP bar online Demosthenes drink

Ender – We made the Andrew a perfect blend of sweet and strong. Not too fierce yet not too weak. A perfect blend for the third Wiggin child

EXP bar online Ender drink

You can visit EXP bar online and get the recipes for the drinks to try them out (Again, that is if you are of age!).

Source: EXP bar online Tumblr

Ender’s Game Battle School: The Board Game Out Now!

board game

Today is the release of Cryptozoic’s Ender’s Game board game. The game is based on the movie and is designed for players of ages 15 and up. It’s played with two players that can go head-to-head where strategy is key to win. To win you have to capture the opponent’s gate or freeze their whole unit with your laser gun.

“Players are going to have tons of fun with the unique zero-G movement rules,” explains Cryptozoic’s Lead Board Game Designer, Matt Hyra. “Once you start moving in a direction, you don’t stop until you run into something, be it a outer wall, a Star (terrain piece), or another trooper.”

You can purchase the game for $25 at your local hobby store or go to Cryptozoic’s e-store.

Who’s planning on playing the game? It really seems like a fun game to get your hands on and who doesn’t want to play as Ender Wiggin? Let us know what you think about the new game board below in the comments.

Source: Cryptozoic

Moises Arias Talks About Ender’s Game

Probably one of the most enthusiastic interviewer’s I’ve seen thus far in any of the Ender’s Game press, Moises Arias, who plays Bonzo, sat down with ZayZayCom to talk about his experience on filming Ender’s Game. Check out the video below:

Source: ZayZayCom

Video: Light Iron Explains Post-Production Set-Up for Ender’s Game Movie

Light Iron

Behind all the set-up of film sets, the techniques of wire work and green screen there is more than just computers and photoshop. You can call it the behind-the-scenes of the behind-the-scenes.

Light Iron released a video that showcases the different cameras and knick-knacks that film production on Ender’s Game used to capture the scenes of the movie. Personally, I have no such license or profession in film making so the video was in some whole different language for me. It uses a lot of film technology and terms that are foreign to the common ear but it produces some really interesting information and on set clips from Ender’s Game.

You can go to Light Iron’s vimeo to watch the video.

Thanks to EnderWiggin for the tip.

The Ender’s Game Battle School: Board Game Winner is…

board game

Angeline Allyson

Congrats launchy! Look out for our email.

Thank you to Cryptozoic for sponsoring the Ender’s Game Battle School: The Board Game.