Bob Orci Speaks of Filming the Unfilmable Ender’s Game


With other Sci-Fi works in his pocket producer Roberto Orci took the challenge to create Ender’s Game into a motion picture after even Orson Scott Card, author of Ender’s Game, called the novel “unfilmable”.

“I heard various pitches of the movie over the years that totally changed the ending and made it like ‘Star Wars’ in a sense, like totally like ‘and then they go and they blow up the Death Star,’ essentially. Completely changed what the intent of the book was,” Orci tells Zap2it. “We just thought audiences have seen everything nowadays. They’ve seen all the big spectacle, now they can handle this movie now, and it’s still spectacle but it’s still a young protagonist in an adult situation dealing with war and peace and tolerance and all kinds of other things.”

He goes on to talk about rights to possible sequels to Ender’s Game and the parallel story Ender’s Shadow.

You can watch a video of the interview at Zap2it.

Source: Zap2it


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