Ender’s Game Cast Attend Lakers Vs. Hornets Game!

This has to be my favorite post so far. I am a die hard Laker fan so to see the cast enjoying themselves at a game makes me feel much more closer to them. Today Aramis Knight (Bean), Moises Arias (Bonzo), Asa Butterfield (Ender) and Hailee Steinfield (Petra) attended the Lakers vs. Hornets game in New Orleans.

Fortunately, the Lakers won 93-91, Kobe Bryant (the all-star of the team for those of you who don’t know) didn’t play. So, though they didn’t get to see him play, it was a great game to attend.

Another pic just to see what their view of the game was. Extremely lucky.


5 responses to “Ender’s Game Cast Attend Lakers Vs. Hornets Game!

    • Naturally a Heat fan digging at the Laker fan. This is funny because the Miami Heat is the only team I loath with a passion. This due to Lebron James. All in fun though let the better team win.

      • Lets not let any team win but the Lakers! 🙂 Huge Lakers fanatic myself, probably equal too if not more so than Enders Game 🙂 How I have just now found this site I do not know. But Im here to stay!

      • Awesome! Love that you like Ender’s Game AND the Lakers! I’m definitely rooting for my Lakers to go all the way! And welcome to the fandom!

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